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VOLUME 11, NUMBER 6                    www.conservativecoalitiononline.org                               October, 2019

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The Conservative Coalition will not have a meeting in October BUT we are urging you to attend the 912 Group’s Candidate’s Night on Thursday, October 17th at Hoss’s restaurant located on Route 22 in Murrysville. Chairman Linda Dupill has lined up at least six candidates for this important meeting. Please review the attached flyer that contains all the details and be sure to RSVP to Linda if you are able to attend.


For those who haven’t heard, the last few months have kept me out of action while my wife Carolyn has been in and out of the hospital with pneumonia since the end of July. I suspended all political activities during that period in order to take care of her and get back to a more normal lifestyle. We now see the light at the end of the tunnel and we appreciate all the prayers and well wishes that have been sent to us by our true and faithful friends.


As we approach the November 5th election, this “off” year event usually produces a very low voter turnout, like 20-25%. However, this is the perfect time for the GOP and conservatives to strike a blow for better government in Westmoreland County. An important Commissioner race headlines the ballot while a vacant judge position will be filled. Doug Chew and Sean Kertes should be our new Commissioners while Justin Walsh will make a fine judge. Also we must retain Jonathan Held as Sheriff, Jeff Balzar as County Controller, Jared Squires as County Treasurer and Sherry Hamilton as Register of Wills. In addition we must elect Frank Schiefer as Recorder of Deeds. If we accomplish this, our County will be in good shape as we enter 2020.



The following comments cover a variety of issues that have been concerning me the last few months and I must get them off my chest before I’m down with an ulcer!


Later this month will be the first anniversary of the mass killing of Jewish worshippers at the Tree of Life synagogue by a white scumbag named Robert Bowers. Hundreds of lives were impacted by this vile act and yet a year later this piece of trash hasn’t even been brought to trial. To make matters worse some of the worshippers blamed Trump for the “hate” that spawned these murders and more recently some of the Jewish leaders pleaded with the Attorney General to spare the life of Bowers so he can spend life in prison to “reflect” on his crimes. Of course none of these bleeding hearts offered to have their congregations step up and pay the millions of dollars it would take to keep Bowers alive for the next 50 years! One victim supposedly was so opposed to the Death Penalty that his widow said it would be an affront to his memory knowing that who killed him was also put to death! What an insane viewpoint—what about the other victims, should their deaths also be overlooked and where is the “closure” everyone wants in these types of cases?


Also there have been other heinous crimes committed where people are missing and young children are tortured and abused. “Suspects” are always available but they don’t confess or tell where the bodies are. The solution is “waterboarding”! Done properly, no one ever dies from this but the information gathered can be amazing. A woman in Greensburg has been missing for a year and a half. Her boyfriend is a suspect and everything points to him as the killer but he won’t say where she is. Let’s make a deal. Waterboard the fellow and if he still says he doesn’t know anything about her disappearance, then let him go and give him $50k for his trouble or some such amount. However, just the thought of waterboarding usually brings forth confessions without going through the procedure. Just think of all the time and money saved on dozens of cases if quick confessions can be gotten with a threat. This is especially urgent when children are missing and time is of the essence. I know the ACLU and other leaders will wail and cry about the “rights” of the suspects, but the average voter and taxpayer are all for this solution.


Other high profile killings involved all black people. One was a minister killed at the Light of Life mission on the North side of Pittsburgh and the other was where an off-duty policeman was killed by a black punk at a party. Various officials spoke and eulogized both victims at their funerals but no one ever mentioned about seeking the death penalty for the killers. Yet these same officials from Wolf and Fetterman down to Peduto and Fitzgerald are all for abortion. James 1:8 talks about “double mined men who are unstable in all their ways” and who could be more hypocritical and double minded than those who kill innocent life and yet protect the killers in our midst!


Speaking of the Socialist team of Wolf/Fetterman, while everyday brings more stories of drug and opioid deaths, both these clowns are pursuing more ways to dispense marijuana to the public as their “slots and pot” slogan is dragging down Pennsylvania. In most every drug death, there is a connection between the gateway drug of marijuana and the harder drug that eventually kills. I know that opioids are now a leading cause of death, but why encourage the use of another dangerous drug that destroys lives. Aren’t they learning anything from the current vaping crisis?


Finally let’s talk about the impeachment effort against President Trump. If you ever had any doubts that we are in a spiritual warfare of good vs evil, all you have to do is watch Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi in action. Their satanic madness and hate for Trump has no bounds as lie after lie flows from their lips like honey. These are the types who would probably pass a waterboarding test as the truth is nowhere to be found in them. While Trump fights back we need to support him at every turn in this warfare. Although I’m NOT for his recent action in Syria and the situation he may be putting the Kurds in. These fighters have been loyal to us and against ISIS and we should not expand any problems they may have with Turkey that puts them in further danger.

There are many areas of concern that face us as we enter the critical battle year of 2020, so let’s gird ourselves with the spirit of truth and resolve to save America from our enemies both foreign and domestic so our children and grandchildren can enjoy the blessings of freedom!