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Dear Deplorable, Racist, Homophobe, Fascist, Nazi, Lunatic, Terrorist, White Supremacist, Right-wing nut job and a hundred other adjectives used on us by the MSM!  I hope and pray that you and your families are remaining healthy and are resolved more than ever to fight for our God-given rights and freedoms! I have been holding off writing a newsletter until all the smoke cleared from the stolen election, hoping that the truth would prevail and Trump would have four more years. It has been shocking to see our liberties and freedoms shredded by the foul New World Order crowd that used every weapon in their satanic tool box to bring down Trump and set the stage for their Socialist/Communist takeover of the United States.

It looks like we have our work cut out for us as the battle for God, Family and Country becomes more intense every day. The Conservative Coalition is not going to fade away, and to paraphrase Charlton Heston, “They are going to have to pry my cold dead fingers off this keypad!” I hope you will again join with us in this worthy endeavor for the sake of our children and grandkids. Enclosed is the 2021 membership form, which I trust you will return in the near future. With the price of gas and other items bound to increase, we have kept our modest dues at $12 for individuals and $20 for families. Of course, any additional funds will be used to further the cause of freedom by purchasing dvds, tapes, magazines and other patriotic items to educate ourselves and fellow Americans. With the many restrictions still being imposed on our community, I don’t know when we can resume meetings again, but we sure can keep in touch with e-mails, newsletters and other means until Big Brother decides to say otherwise. Then we go to Plan B, which will be a subject for a future newsletter!

The first question I have for you is ARE YOU PREPARED? Gun sales are going through the roof and ammunition is hard to come by. Food, generators, water and many other material things are being stored in an effort to combat what may be coming down the road. My wife and I have been in this fight since Barry Goldwater’s race in 1964. During those years, we have met and spoken with many people who were able to flee countries behind the Iron Curtain. Their stories were heart wrenching as loved ones perished and they were left with nothing, as Communism swept over their land. The terror was so bad in some countries that some of these folks thought the Rapture had come and they were left behind! One common theme was they did not have any weapons to fight back and everyday supplies were very scarce. We in America have the opportunity to take care of that problem and the sooner the better. BUT when I asked, “Are you prepared, I was also thinking about your relationship with Jesus Christ! The most important preparation you can ever make is accepting Jesus as your personal Saviour. Life is very uncertain and one can die very suddenly. Take for example the tragic death of our friend and great State Representative Mike Reese on New Year’s Day. Mike supposedly had come home from a five mile run and was taking a shower when he collapsed and died from a brain aneurysm at the age of 42. We believe that Mike knew the Lord but many people put off making that important decision, and the last thing you want to do is be caught dead without Jesus! So I implore you to take some time, pray and commit yourself to the mercy of God through His Son Jesus Christ. Doing that will make you the type of Christian warrior we need in the battles that lie ahead! Martin Luther said, “One with God is a majority.” This little sermon is over and now I’m moving on to more worldly issues that have been bothering me.

I’m sure most of us are on the same page and that our degree of anger and frustration is near the same level. Please allow me to vent a bit as I’ve jotted down a random assortment of issues and subjects that need attention.

First, I believe we need to revive the Tea Party that was so successful in 2010. Many of you were faithful members, and I’m sure there are far more folks on our side now than when we started that movement. We must continue to encourage one another and NOT allow ourselves to fall into despair. When possible, keep those Trump flags flying and wear a hat or display a bumper sticker on your car. We must not give the Left any sense of victory.  Keep the facts of fraud and the stolen election out front, as most people know something fishy happened with the election. I’m providing some ammo on that subject in Exhibit A from information shown in the January 4, 2021, issue of the New American Magazine. They covered over 50 incidents of fraud, illegal ballots, corruption inside the polls, and a host of other abuses in AZ, GA, MI, PA and WI. I have summarized the highlights in Exhibit A and urge you to use this info to correct the naysayers.

Here are some other questions and comments that deserve answers and further discussion. They are not listed in any particular subject order and do cover the waterfront. Please bear with me as I ramble on.

How did Trump get more of the Black and Latino vote than any GOP candidate in 60 years and lose? Fraud was rampant especially in PA (Philadelphia). How ironic that the city where our freedoms were ironed out in 1776 became the same place where our liberties were stolen by corrupt Demoncrats in 2020!

How can GA have a law where 50% is required to win? Without that the GA races would not have mattered that much. Also, why didn’t they focus on that recount to get Perdue over the 50% level as he was at 49.8% on November 4th?

Remember, there are over 70 million people who think just like you and are praying that God will save America. I believe that most Trump supporters KNOW that we are in a spiritual battle between good and evil. We know what we believe in but the Biden robots are grounded in their hatred of Trump. Post election polls showed that IF the Media had exposed the Hunter Biden corruption deal, at least 10% would not have voted for Snake Eyes (my wife’s name for Biden.) and Trump would have won handily even despite the corrupt mail-in voting system,

Trump’s love of America and his MAGA slogan threw a monkey wrench into the plans of the New World Order, and they had to pull out every stop to prevent him from sinking their socialist ship. The NWO crowd unleashed the perfect storm of the China virus with the ensuing lockdowns to destroy the economy. Then massive social unrest occurred after the death of George Floyd. I believe they had been waiting for such an incident so they could employ their Antifa and BLM scum to make the police look bad and destroy our cities in the process. George Soros and other billionaires with no soul think they are seeing their long range plan of the NWO coming to pass. It is our prayers and actions that must stop them!

If Twitter and other social outlets can silence Trump, how much of a chance do we have? We have seen firsthand how they handled Parler as the Fascist Left is flexing its muscle showing the power they have in the tech field. If they are targeting conservatives getting on airlines and stopping their bank accounts and killing their jobs, what stops them from looking at the voter rolls and starting to shut off gas and electric to Republicans and conservatives to save energy!

Try to get Newsmax or AON for your reliable news if Fox has turned sour on you. I still like Tucker, Jesse and the Judge with their cutting edge commentaries.  Pete Hegseth, Hannity, Brian Kilmeade and Harris Faulkner do a good job, but the rest seem to have slipped quite a bit, and it shows in Fox’s recent poor ratings.

Use your own boycotting power and stop shopping at Walmart, Target, CVS and others who are targeting proTrump folks. Stick by those leaders and officials who stood for Trump and backed him when the going got tough. In Pennsylvania, we have Guy Reschenthaler, Mike Kelley, Kim Ward, Daryl Metcalfe, Doug Mastriano, John Joyce and Scott Perry. Nationally, there is Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, Brian Mast, Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, Mo Brooks, Louie Gomhert and a host of others I don’t have the space to list. Please take a moment and contact these patriots and tell them you appreciate them standing for America!

Westmoreland County and the surrounding area had its share of true patriots who spent hours trying to expose the fraud within Pennsylvania, and they deserve a big shout out and hearty thanks from the rest of us. I will probably miss a few names and I apologize in advance, but the main rocks of defense to the Constitution and rule of law were: Dick Seiler, Susanna DeJeet, Tom and Karen Bills, Linda Dupill, Joe and Shelia Krill, Beth Conway, Bill Steiner, Mary Tauffer, Suzanne Wehrli, Bill and Elaine Farnham, Fran Bevan, Ron Kowach, Ted Keys, Chip Gallo, Rick and Leeann Ryba, Melissa Haluszczak. Bob Howard, Patty Rugh and Frank Hurcrowski.

Like Peter said, “be ready to give an answer to those who ask about the Hope that is in you”. This is also true in denouncing the Snake Eye’s swine and their hypocrisy. Know your facts and tell one and all why he is corrupt and how the old retreads and Communists he is appointing are a curse on America. One of them is the fool, John Kerry, who is to be the Climate Czar. Theresa’s husband knows as much about the climate as he does about Middle East peace. Kerry is the one who said in December 2016 that there was no way to have any peace agreements in the Middle East without the Palestinians. Yet somehow, Trump got Israel and the Arab nations to sign historic economic and peace treaties without the Palestinians or Iran being involved. Unfortunately, Snake Eyes is planning to renew deals with Iran and probably unravel these peace treaties in the process, setting the stage for a possible war with Israel.

A silver lining out of the stolen election was that 18 new prolife women in the House were elected along with some good men. Pelosi only has a 4 or 5 vote margin and that will fall in 2022. It was also great to see so many blacks coming to Trump’s defense with strong conservative credentials. More reason to question how Trump lost with so many outstanding black spokesmen on our side. On the downside, the “RinoPat Toomey showed his true colors which will haunt me and others who worked so hard for him when he challenged Arlen Specter. I guess when he was running against a dog like Specter, he looked much better. Toomey has been slipping into the “Rino” category the last few years especially when he never really congratulated Trump in 2016 and never supported him since then. BUT he was one of the first Republicans to congratulate Biden on his supposed win. Here is a good Catholic like Toomey giving praise to Biden who supports abortion on demand. Yet Trump, who was the most prolife President we ever had, never got a pat on the back from Pat! I’m glad he isn’t running again in 2022 so we can elect a true conservative who will not cave in like a wet paper bag!

Don’t forget that we lost many races because of Third Party candidates, especially the Libertarians. They siphoned off enough votes, one or two percent, to allow the Dems to eke out a victory. This was true in GA where both Trump and Perdue suffered. Not only did they have to face that factor but also the Dominion voting machines that switched thousands of votes.

The three blind mice, Wolf/Levine and Fetterman have hamstrung  PA for 9 months with insane restrictions and edicts that have destroyed thousands of businesses and millions of lives. Personally, I think the most devious of the crowd is Levine who is NOT a doctor, who doesn’t know what sex she/he is, who took her/his Mother from a nursing home and put her into a secure facility free of Covid while sending thousands of others to their deaths in nursing homes where the virus did its deadly work. While telling Wolf what was essential and what was not, she made sure Planned Parenthood was open along with other abortion facilities, all the while telling us that her mandates were to “save lives” –all except the unborn!. Yet Levine is the one telling us when and where to wear masks.  And now Pennsylvania will give her as a gift to the nation as Biden wants Levine in his Cabinet as Assistant Secretary of Health! What a pathetic legacy from the Keystone State!  Lt. Governor John Fetterman has been a complete waste with his two main goals being legalized marijuana and more gambling! Those are two sure ways to keep the masses under control. Now he is thinking of running for the Senate in 2022 for Toomey’s seat. If that happens, maybe Toomey might look good again! Speaking of “Rinos”, it appears that Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chou are in the back pockets of the Red Chinese with their financial dealings—this info per the reliable Peter Schweitzer. This probably explains their recent condemnation of Trump.

What more can we do to stop this Socialist wave? Here are some suggestions–support those businesses that are willing to defy the Fascist decrees from PA and DC and keep spreading the fact that only one in 500 people die from Covid and most of them are elderly or have underlying conditions. The Media continues to talk of so many hundreds of cases and gives you the impression that a case means death. Nothing is further from the truth. I have used the analogy with the terms “electric lights” and “electric chair”. One is very common and useful while the other is deadly (and should be used more!). The terminology is key and the masses have bought into the misleading statistics.

On January 14th, the US executed a killer named Corey Johnson for a murder committed over 20 years ago. On January 16th, they killed another dirt bag named Dustin Higgs for a triple murder in 1996.  There were the usual pleas that these “national treasures” not be executed and even more so because they had Covid! Well, they are both dead but what are the odds their deaths will be chalked up as two more Covid deaths!

Three more bizarre events:  Harvard students want to have the school remove all degrees earned by Keyleigh McEnney because of her association with Trump. Also insane is how Simon and Schuster cancelled a book contract with Senator Josh Hawley because he dared to challenge the Electoral College results and lastly, new copies of Booker T. Washington’s famous book, “Up From Slavery” are now being labeled as fiction!

Final thoughts, and thanks for sticking with me this far. The so-called “riot” in D. C on January 6th was orchestrated by Antifa and BLM posing as Trump supporters. I’ve talked to enough folks who were there, and they all had the same report that things were just great with everyone having a good time and talking with the police, etc. Some were let in by the police to the bleacher area and then the anarchists took over. There were so many tens of thousands there that a lot of people didn’t even know that anything was happening. But as usual, the MSM seized the moment and blamed the whole incident on Trump and on every supporter. The fallout has been non-stop and now, with the so-called inauguration over, the Communist Biden/Harris team has implied that the National Guard is racist along with the military and the Secret Service. Biden is so afraid of US that he has his own select bodyguard team loyal only to him and not the Constitution. Sounds like Iran or Iraq to me. But let him and Harris and the other traitors BE afraid of us as we are Not going away and are Not going to allow our freedoms and the future for our kids and grandkids be destroyed by their new Marxist government!  Again I reiterate, DON’T get discouraged—use your time wisely, talking with friends and neighbors, letting them know that we are in this together. Pray asking God and Jesus Christ to intervene on our behalf to save our nation. Who knows how quickly the enemy will act but we must be on alert and try not to fall for the wild claims and rumors that flood the Internet. IF you know anyone in West Virginia, have them contact Joe Manchin as he is the one Senator who can thwart the Dems by doing what the WV voters want him to do. Stay in touch and with God’s mighty help, we will get through this crisis.