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VOLUME 13     NO. 2                                                                                                 MARCH, 2021

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                                    COALITION THOUGHTS FOR MARCH 2021

Despite all the insanity surrounding our everyday activity, I’m glad to report that the level of conservative zeal has never been higher. I wear my Trump Hat just about everywhere I go, and 99% of all comments are positive by all the election deniers who rightly believe and know that Trump won! That has also been reflected in the number of folks who have joined the Conservative Coalition this year. Far from being despondent, people want to remain active and find an outlet for their frustration and anger. We have yet to find a suitable time and location to resume meetings but hope that some of our efforts will soon be rewarded. Many thanks to all who renewed their membership, and we welcome all the new folks who have joined our ranks!

Am I ever glad February is over and happy it is the shortest month of the year! It was a month of satanic buffeting as we lost Rush, as his “talent on loan from God” was taken home. We suffered through a month of “Global Warming” and more impeachment nonsense. That was coupled with a steady diet of Black History Month where the true heroes of the black community were relegated to the rear of the bus while the “woke” blacks filled the airwaves with their idiotic talk of reparations! This type of talk only creates racists rather than uniting people, and I’m sure that is the desired effect of this campaign. Are you as confused as I am when we are labeled a racist because we supported Trump or hold conservative views? Let me ask you a question. If I detest Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Cory Booker, Maxine Waters, Stacy Abrams and Kamala Harris am I a racist? I ask the question because what am I when I embrace Burgess and Candance Owens, Ben Carson. Leo Terrill, Clarence Thomas, Kay James, Tim Scott, and Harris Faulkner? The answer is obvious– I look at the individual’s heart and views. I see good and GodlyAmerican  people in the latter group while I see nothing but evil, hypocrisy and anti-American policies in the first group.

At every turn, most of us are being branded as “too white,” and there are efforts in high schools and certainly colleges to have “Critical Race Theory” classes. History is being rewritten, and true stories about heroic black Americans like Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver are now being labeled as “fiction”.  Amazon has removed the wonderful movie series of the life of Clarence Thomas named “Created Equal”. Why would we want any black children, or whites, for that matter, to learn how a poor black kid from Georgia could end up being the best conservative on the Supreme Court!! Other censorship is rampant.

Now children books by Dr. Seuss are under attack from the misfits in the cancel culture, claiming racial representations that offend people. Ironically, their hero, Obama, praised the Seuss books a few years ago, saying that one could learn just about everything in life from reading them. How times have changed! As Carolyn and I gather up our supply of Seuss books for possible E-bay sales, we are putting our copy of “Little Black Sambo” and our “AmosN Andy” videos in the safe!

As bad as most of February was, there were at least three bright spots I would like to mention.

# 1.  The February 15th issue of TIME magazine printed an article entitled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election”. This actually describes how the “Deep State” controlled the election results to “save democracy”! Trump had to go, and they made sure in key battleground states that his early leads disappeared. All the charges of election fraud by the Trump camp and other conservatives were ignored by the courts and state officials to ensure a Biden victory. Get a copy of that edition of TIME or go on line to look up the article. The brazenness of the Left is astounding as they think they have won the battle. This should be a true wake up call to all freedom-loving Americans and I call it a bright spot!

# 2.  The next bright spot was on a sad note because Rush Limbaugh died on February 17th. However, he left a wonderful tribute and thank you to President Trump that said: “My days on earth are numbered: but before I fade away, there is something I need to say. It may not be important to anyone else, but it is important to me. Win, lose or fraud…President Trump, I just want to say thank you for the last four years. Thank you for making it cool to be an American again. Thank you for showing us that we don’t need to be under China’s thumb anymore, economically, or in any other way. Thank you for one of the strongest economies in my lifetime. Thank you for all you have done for the minority communities, and the outstanding decrease in the unemployment rate you had. Thank you for making it feel good to love our country and to be a proud patriot again. Thank you for supporting our Nation’s Flag and the men and women who fought for that freedom that stands behind that flag. Thank you for supporting our nation’s law enforcement organizations and understanding how difficult their job really is. Thank you for quelling the flood of illegal immigration and bringing to justice the thousands of criminals that flood brought us. Thank you for giving corporations a reason to come back to America to make our own products and put Americans back to work. Thank you for bringing our troops home from endless deployments that presented us with little more than body bags and for your commitment to strengthen our military. Thank you for Operation Warp Speed and your keeping your promise to bringing the Covid 19 vaccine to us in less than a year. Thank you for your never-ending attempts to bring peace to the Middle East and your support for Israel. Thank you for your Tax relief, and thank you for our energy independence. Most of all, THANK YOU for taking a damn rotten job that you never had to take!! Thank you for caring enough for this country to want to try and make a difference. Thank you for showing America how little career politicians actually work for their constituents, and for showing us how much those politicians despise you for showing America how easy it is to build a great nation, rather than rape her to line their own pockets and stock portfolios. Thank you for allowing us to experience a President that wasn’t a lifelong politician, but a lifelong American. THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENTYOU DID YOUR BEST

# 3.  The third bright spot was the tremendous speech by President Trump at CPAC on February 28th. There was great enthusiasm shown by conservatives everywhere in response to his message. I was impressed when he said he was not interested in a third party and was going to work within the GOP. A closer look at the election shows that third party candidates cost Trump and some Republican Senate candidates their races, and further damaged the country.

So February ended on a high note, and we have been blessed to have had two of the greatest Americans in Rush and Trump during our lifetimes. When you think of how much Rush and Trump were alike on style and the issues, I suggest those in charge of remaking the Rush Limbaugh radio show settle on a new format, whereby they should have Trump  on once a week. During those three hours, he could keep his base of millions up to date on key issues and policies as we ready ourselves to take back Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024! Trump would be unfiltered as Twitter, Google and the Big Tech enemy would be unable to shut him down. We would hear directly from the head of the Conservative Republican Party what is going on, instead of listening to other commentators who may have differing views.

As we begin March, the Communist takeover of America has begun! The Communist puppet known as Joe Biden is being told to issue a plethora of Executive Orders which will have horrible consequences to America. Our friend and patriot Joe Krill recently summarized them in a letter-to-the-editor which is shown at the end of this newsletter.

In addition to the EO’s, there are three major pieces of legislation that are quite dangerous.

# 1 is HR 1 which would put the control of future elections in Democratic hands.

# 2 is the disasterous $1.9 trillion Covid 19 Relief Bill where most of the money is being wasted on every type of pork project except fighting Covid!

# 3 is the Equality Act, which, if it becomes law, would destroy Christian America and our families as God designed. With perverts like Rachel Levine being in the Biden circle, women’s sports are in danger and abortions will skyrocket. We have lost our Biblical foundation of what a family is and how Jesus lifted up the status of women. Christianity is the greatest thing that ever happened to women! Never forget that God created us male and female—nothing else!

In addition to this destructive legislation and Executive Orders, Biden has created a nightmare on the Southern border with thousands of illegals pouring in through AZ, NM and TX. He has stopped construction on the Wall that was working quite well under Donald Trump and now America will pay a terrible price for this treasonous decision. Criminals, terrorists, those infected with Covid, and a host of other kinds of people are going to further damage and bankrupt America. The irony is that when TX opened up the State to a normal lifestyle, they were greatly criticized by Biden and the Left. Yet when infected immigrants come through the border, that doesn’t seem to present a problem as the Dems only see future voters!

Trump spent four years trying and succeeding in keeping us out of wars and brought tens of thousands of our soldiers home. He created historic peace deals in the Middle East between Israel and some of their former enemies, all without dealing with Iran and the Palestinians. In less than two months, Biden has created a situation where rockets are being launched into U.S. facilities, and he wants to renew the insane Iran Nuclear Deal that gave Iran $150 billion for nothing! Snake Eyes Biden has not even had the courtesy to call Netanyahu to discuss the situation and has put Israel in a corner, vowing to do anything necessary to preserve their sovereignty. This can only lead to more trouble in that region, and you can be sure we will be drawn into any war that begins.

The wackos in the Green movement have forced Biden to re-enter the Paris Climate Accords which will cost us trillions of dollars, millions of jobs and ensure that China and Russia will dominate the world’s energy economic future.  Morons like John Kerry and AOC will still push for solar and wind even after those forms of energy failed miserably in Texas when snow, ice and freezing weather knocked out power to millions.

Next on the Biden/Harris Communist agenda is talk of severe restrictions on guns, ammo and the Second Amendment in general. If these other wild proposals don’t wake people up, any move on our guns will certainly do the trick. We have said for years to make sure you and your families are protected and have the means to defend your home and community from enemies foreign and domestic!  In fact, last night (3/5) some dirt bags tied a chain to my lamp post that flies a Trump flag and pulled it out of the cement base. That hits pretty close to home with the scum that roams around freely doing such things. All I can say at this time is the flag will be put up again soon and flown proudly!


Any thinking person is fed up with the Fascist policies of Governor Wolf and his onerous mandates that have crippled businesses and killed people. His emergency powers seem to have no limit, and the legislature has been unable to stop him. Help is on the way on May 18th with a ballot question that will limit the governor’s emergency power to 21 days. Beyond the 21 days, he must go to the legislature for their approval for any extension. With most of these ballot initiatives, the wording is confusing. However, YOU MUST VOTE YES ON THIS MEASURE to restore a semblance of sanity to our Commonwealth. Once this is passed, Wolf cannot veto it.

When the lawsuit claiming voter irregularities in the 2020 election was brought by Rep. Mike Kelly, Sean Parnell and others, Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough issued an order telling election officials not to certify the results until an evidentiary hearing was held to hear arguments from both sides. State officials appealed her ruling to the state Supreme Court, which ruled to vacate the McCullough order. The Trump team lost this case, BUT Judge McCullough showed she supports the rule of law and exhibited her Christian and conservative values in doing so. Distressed by this awful decision, she has thrown her hat into the race and is now running for the Supreme Court! We must support her election on May 18th and try to take back the court seat by seat.

Another bitter loss was that of Nicole Ziccarelli, who had her victory over Jim Brewster for State Senate denied by Allegheny County judges when they allowed late arriving ballots to count. She lost by a mere 69 votes and was caught in the same quagmire that cost Sean Parnell his race against Connor Lamb. Rather than sulk after her election was stolen, Nicole has stepped up to the plate and decided to run for District Attorney in Westmoreland County against long time incumbent John Peck. Her Senate race comprised several counties that held more Democratic voters, but in Westmoreland, she should be in good shape with the current edge going to the GOP. Of course, this being an “off year” election, it usually takes an extra effort to get voters out. But she has the energy, message and hard work ethic that can carry her to victory. Please lend her the support she needs to put her in the Court House!

Another newcomer to the political scene in Westmoreland County is Gina O’Barto. She is seeking the Prothonatary’s office held by Tom Murphy. Gina has all the qualifications to bring some new ideas to that office. Her husband Mike, is currently a Supervisor in Unity Township.

Several weeks ago the GOP chose Leslie Rossi to run for the State Representative seat held by the late Mike Reese. Leslie is the creator of the TRUMP HOUSE and a solid conservative who will keep that seat in good hands.

Also, there are many school board races where fresh views are being offered by a host of challengers. Many of them are rightly concerned about questionable curriculums and timid school directors who insist on locking down or having virtual sessions instead of allowing students to fully participate in sports and other activities. PLEASE check out these new people, as this is the time to make a positive difference in your district and most likely save some taxes!

So there are a lot of good reasons to vote on May 18th and I know you will do your part to encourage others to do likewise.

Finally, remember we are in the midst of a great spiritual war between good and evil. We will be seeing and hearing things that will be unbelievable. Read the Scriptures and pray that God will grant us wisdom to discern right from wrong and to use our time wisely to serve Christ and others! Our future as a Republic is at stake and we must not be found sleeping at the switch!

THIS LETTER WAS PUBLISHED IN THE TRIBUNE –REVIEW ON 3/5/21 and covers many of the insane executive orders and policies of the pretending President Joe Biden! Thanks to Joe Krill for summarizing them so clearly!:

“President Biden, the man who promised to govern by consensus, having both the House and Senate under Democratic control, has already issued nearly 60 executive orders and actions, more than any other president in U.S. history.

It is my opinion that some of these “signings” can only be classified as dehumanizing, sinful and treasonous.

On Jan. 20, his administration froze President Trump’s Executive Order on Access to Affordable Life-Saving Medications that was to go into effect Jan. 22, and would have lowered the cost of insulin, epinephrine and other prescription drugs which the pharmaceutical industry had opposed.

He revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and issued a temporary moratorium on oil and gas leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other federal lands. Thousands of good-paying union jobs were lost overnight.

His Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation is a punch in the face to all young women who want to participate in sports on an equal footing with their peers.

He issued a memorandum to “ensure that regulatory review serves as a tool to affirmatively promote regulations” rather than discourage them.

Other actions put an end to border wall construction; revoked Trump’s order to streamline federal workforce; reversed Trump’s transgender military ban; banned the use of the term “China virus”; made climate change the focus of national security; revoked a regulation that prohibited U.S. foreign aid to be used for abortions; expanded “protection of LGBTQ people around the world.”

Joseph Krill                            (a true patriot from Delmont, PA)