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                                       OPENING THOUGHTS AND REMARKS  

The Conservative Coalition has not held any meetings this year, but the Patriots 4 Action recently had several special events where hundreds of people attended. In July, over 300 patriots attended an “Audit the Vote” rally in Irwin featuring State Senator Doug Mastriano, and in August, over 100 conservatives and concerned parents heard Judge Cheryl Allen destroy the nonsense known as the “Critical Race Theory” at an event in Delmont. If you want to learn more about Patriots 4 Action, please call Susanna DeJeet at 412-999-0240.

The Conservative Coalition is trying to set up a meeting in September and County Commissioner Doug Chew has agreed to be our speaker to discuss the many news ideas and challenges facing Westmoreland County. As soon as we can confirm a date and venue, we will let you know the details.



I’m sure every one of us can remember where we were and what we were doing on the morning of September 11, 2001. The sight of those planes flying into buildings are forever seared into our memories and those of us in Western Pennsylvania have the tragedy of Flight 93 always near us.

Since then the world has drastically changed and not for the better in many ways. Thousands of Americans perished that day and many more thousands have died since then as we have supposed been trying to win the “War on Terror”. If you remember when we sent our troops into Afghanistan in October, 2001, we basically had the Taliban defeated within a few months. But instead of wiping them off the face of the earth, we allowed some to escape from Kandahar and captured others along with alQueda scum and put them in Guantanamo. Many are still there while others have been released and are back in action trying to kill the Great Satan!

We then entered Iraq on sketchy information about weapons of mass destruction and lost thousands of troops in that war, as there was little or no evidence that Saddam was involved in 9/11. We finally hunted down Bin Laden and killed him in Pakistan despite the protest from the current Fool in the White House. Then Obama helped the terrorists when he released five Taliban leaders from Gitmo for the pathetic traitor Beau Bergdahl. One of these killers is now in the top leadership of the Taliban and laughing as we pull out of Afghanistan. We then took out Kadafi in Libya and created the Benghazi debacle where more U. S. soldiers were abandoned and killed by those animals. This fiasco exposed Hillary and the Obama/Biden team as weak and indecisive when it came to stopping terrorists and unfortunately many of the players in the Benghazi tragedy are surrounding the clueless loser in the White House at the present time.

Further actions by Obama in Syria and Libya helped create the ISIS Caliphate which Trump eliminated when he became President. Under the Trump leadership we took a hard line toward the enemy and sort of neutralized them for a few years. No U.S. soldiers were killed in Afghanistan for 18 months and various peace treaties between Israel and other Arab nations were signed while Iran was held at bay through sanctions.

Trump did engage in talks with the Taliban to have us get out of Afghanistan in an orderly fashion BUT there were provisions in the agreement that if they caused trouble, they would be hit with massive attacks. That plan was in the process of being carried out with an arbitrary withdrawal date set for May 1, 2021.

Then the election was rigged and stolen from Trump and the inept and senile Biden was put in office being told what to do with his anti-American advisors.



I am writing this segment on August 31st as the Biden betrayal of Afghanistan and our American citizens and Afghan allies continues as we officially exit this poor country leaving behind untold hundreds if not thousands of our people. I have struggled to keep my anger in check, but as I write the following, I have nothing but contempt and hatred for the illegal occupant of the White House, now named TRAITOR JOE’S, and his disgusting team.


Questions abound as to why this exit was so screwed up and the most often ones asked but not answered are:


Why was August 31st chosen as the exit date with no compromise, and if so why weren’t the evacuation process started much earlier? Why were our troops pulled out first and then have to be rushed back in?

Why was the well defended Bagram Air Base with two runways closed and evacuees herded like cattle into Kabul Airport that only has one runway?

How did we create situations where we allowed the Taliban to circle our thousands of troops and allies and leave them calling the shots on who would enter or be barred?

How could we have thousands of our allies be forced to stand in an open sewer trench trying to get on planes?

How could we turnover $80 billion in new military equipment to the enemy? This is treason at the very least!

None of these questions are being answered by Blinken, Kirby, Psaki and, of course, the Clown himself. Thirteen of our wonderful Marines and soldiers were murdered trying to bring order out of chaos in screening refugees at an unnecessary chokepoint. The “friendlyTaliban allowed a suicide bomber to enter and carry out his evil deed  that also took the lives of more than 100 Afghans.

Then this SOB (Scourge of Biden), gives the Taliban the names of our allies so they could help us find them for evacuation! I wonder what unmarked grave many of them will wind up in. Can anyone believe this SOB?

When the SOB went to Dover to “honor” their sacrifice, he is caught looking at his watch several times. No wonder some of the parents called him a worthless piece of crap and worse! When the SOB had a news conference, he started by saying, “I’ve been instructed to call on Nora O’Donnell for the first question.”

We supposedly killed two ISIS-K bomb planners with a drone for killing our troops. How do we know that happened yet we are now to believe that ISIS-K is worse than the Taliban. Every terrorist is united to kill us but it seems the SOB trusts the Taliban to allow those Amer icans stranded after 8/31 to get out if they want to.

How much longer are we going to stand for this outright treason before we remove these enemies from within?



There will be a “Let’s Roll America” rally on September 12th to be held at Shields Farm in Delmont from Noon until 6:00 PM. We must regain the spirit of action that was displayed by Todd Beamer and the other 39 heroes on Flight 93 when he called out, “LET’S ROLL”, as they attacked the cockpit. Wendy Bell will be the emcee for the event that includes various speakers, music and food vendors to cover all your needs. The cost is $10 and please bring a lawn chair with you and enjoy being with several thousand patriots who love America!


The Westmoreland County Fair just ended and a report from the GOP indicated people flocked to their booth with great interest. On the other hand, the Democrats actually closed down their table as folks were outraged over what was happening in Afghanistan. This bodes well for the November election when we have a great chance to capture the four row offices  plus make a conservative difference on a number of school boards.


Our friend Rick Saccone is seeking the Lt. Governor’s slot in 2022 on the Republican ballot. He is a fine Christian and Patriot who would be a welcome sight in Harrisburg once again. He is having a picnic on Friday September 17th at his home located at 404 Boston Hollow Road in Elizabeth, PA. This event begins at 6:00 PM.


Sean Parnell is making the rounds on FOX and NEWS MAX with his thoughts on Afghanistan and other timely issues. He is running for US Senate in 2022 for the seat now held by Pat Toomey and would be a tremendous Senator. There will be others running but in our opinion Sean would be the best.


If there is any silver lining in the Afghanistan debacle it is that people don’t trust anything the Biden Administration says regardless of the issue. Covid and mask guidelines are taken with a big grain of salt and various mandates are challenged at every turn. People are fed up and this resistance is a welcome development!