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VOLUME 2, NUMBER 5 www.conservativecoalitiononline.org MAY, 2010
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The April meeting at our new location of Cornerstone Ministries was a real success. The transition from the Christian Fellowship Center to Cornerstone was as smooth as possible and the more than 80 people who showed up were very pleased with the new location. A few folks arrived late and that was due mostly to the poor directions I put in the April newsletter. Please ignore what I said about taking the Harrison City/Export Road to Puckety Road and turning left. Coming from Harrison City you take the Harrison City/Export Road to Mellon Road that cuts through the Westmoreland Country Club. Mellon is what intersects with Puckety where the left turn is made. Also, in my appreciation comments to Cornerstone for welcoming us to their facility I gave thanks to Mike Pierce. His name is really Mike Printz, and I’m sorry for the slip of the typewriter. With those corrections out of the way, let’s talk about our meeting in May. PLEASE NOTE THE MEETING IS MAY 11TH, WHICH IS THE SECOND TUESDAY. Primary election day is May 18th and as usual, many of our members will be manning the polls most of the day for their favorite candidates. There sure are a lot of fine people running this year and a lot of fresh ideas are being put before the electorate by these new faces. In April, we were pleased to have Chet Bieler, Keith Rothfus, Mike Doyle and Eli Evankovich present their views and goals. Chet is one of nine running for Lt. Governor while Keith is running for the 4th Congressional District and Jason Altmire’s seat. The Mike Doyle who showed up at our meeting was NOT the liberal Democratic Congressman with the same name who is in the 14th District. This Mike is running for State Representative Joe Markosek’s seat in the 25th District while Eli is challenging John Pallone in the State’s 54th District. Many great questions were asked and some great responses from these men left our membership very impressed.
The May meeting will have more candidates, and we hope Tim Burns, who is running in the special election to fill John Murtha’s seat, will be able to attend. We also plan to show a 20 minute dvd comparing what Obama has been doing with how the Germans under Hitler took over every aspect of the people’s lives. The images will stun you so bring friends and family to learn more about the enemy from within. If there is time, we hope to show Glen Beck’s 40 minute special on Samuel Adams that aired Friday, April 30th. We hope to make your effort worthwhile when you attend one of these Conservative Coalition meetings and I look forward to seeing you on May 11th beginning at 7:00PM. Call me at 724-863-2520 if you have any questions.
While the main Tea Party efforts around the country were held on April 15th in generally good weather, our April 17th event at the Greensburg/Jeannette Airport was hit with cold winds and temperatures. Despite the very inclement conditions, more than 2000 people braved the elements to hear a fine lineup of speakers and showed their great displeasure with what Washington and Harrisburg are doing to our country and lives. Elderly people in wheelchairs and carrying portable oxygen tanks rallied with young people and hundreds of middle class patriots because they love America and hate tyranny! The despicable coverage by some Media that labeled the National Tea Party movement as racist and Nazi-like makes me sick but also makes me know that we are winning the battle. Some of their coverage claimed that the crowds weren’t as large as last year but they failed to say that the NUMBER of Tea Parties was infinitely greater and the total in attendance reached into the millions across the country! From Obama and the Democratic leadership to the Mainstream Media and our Governor Fast Eddie Rendell, the anti-Tea Party rhetoric has reached historic proportions. Like a pack of rabid dogs they are lashing out and accusing us of inciting violence and distorting their intentions, etc. They are using the age-old Communist tactic of smearing the opposition instead of trying to debate us on the issues. Again I urge you not to EVER become discouraged by the twisted coverage and vicious attacks being launched by the Left. They want to make us feel as though we are in the minority and are on the wrong side of the issues. The more they can cause dissention in our ranks and have us begin questioning ourselves and our beliefs, the more they can neutralize our efforts and momentum. While the Media was concentrating on April 22nd as the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (remember April 22, 1970 was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Communist Dictator Nicoli Lenin!), another day just passed that has absolutely no status in Washington and in most State Capitals! April 30th was National Honesty Day—no wonder the Media ignored it and Obama and Rendell didn’t issue any proclamations! Author M. Hirsch Goldberg established National Honesty Day in the early 1990’s as a way to honor the honorable and encourage honesty. He said that April 30th was chosen because April begins with a day dedicated to lying (April Fool’s Day), and it should end on a higher moral note. We at the Conservative Coalition strive to be honest in our reporting and analysis, and we urge all our members and friends to do likewise as we become even more engaged with an enemy whose every action seems to be to lie and distort the truth. In addition to not being discouraged, please take the following Scripture to heart, knowing that truth will ultimately prevail and that Jesus Christ has already won the victory for us! In Proverbs 12, beginning at verse 17, we read:
"He who speaks the truth declares righteousness, but a false witness, deceit.
There is one who speaks like the piercings of a sword, but the tongue of the wise promotes health.
The truthful lip shall be established forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.
Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evil, but counselors of peace have joy.
No grave trouble will overtake the righteous, but the wicked shall be filled with evil.
Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal truthfully are His delight."
In the heat of this battle for the soul of America, may we always keep our eyes on God and His truth and may this be of great comfort to the millions of patriots who are daily making a difference for the cause of freedom.
I might add that the Southwest PA Tea Party is already making plans for another event on Saturday, July 3rd and are hoping to have Col. Oliver North as the keynote speaker. The Greensburg/Jeannette Airport will most likely be the venue once again and, we will certainly keep you informed as more details are firmed up.
While cleaning out some old files last month I ran across a brochure called "America Needs Power." This was printed over 30 years ago by the John Birch Society and opened with the following comment. "If an enemy set out to destroy the United States, we doubt that he could find a better way to do it than by denying our nation its vitally needed energy supplies." The article went on to describe the vast oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear energy potential that God has blessed America with that could make us energy independent for hundreds of years. They urged Americans to Promote Our Wonderful Energy Resources (POWER) and to warn of the regulations and control that would be exerted by the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy and other government agencies that would weaken our economy. Fast forward 30 years, and we now have Obama as President instead of the inept Jimmy Carter. Obama’s public record and statements on energy reflect he may be that "enemy" that could bring America to its knees through energy deprivation. Recent events have made Obama’s job of weaning America from fossil fuels into the "green" types of energy much easier. A horrific deep mine coal disaster in West Virginia and the huge oil spill off the coast of Louisiana must have him and the environmentalists licking their chops as to how they can curtail further exploration and use of our resources. Before the Massey mine accident in WV, Obama and his EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson put new limits on "mountaintop mining" practices that would sharply curtail this much safer way to mine coal. "Mountaintop mining" is akin to strip mining and currently provides about 10% of U.S. coal needs. Last month Obama made references to allow more off shore oil drilling and to expand our nuclear energy programs. However, further analysis of his proposals show the red tape and restrictions that would be applied to both industries would NOT increase our energy needs but only hamper these industries through unreasonable regulations. His Climate Change and Cap and Trade bills are still alive in a Left-wing Congress and if enacted, will only further destroy our American way of life. The JBS warning 30 years ago is even more ominous today than ever before. Of course, the gigantic Icelandic volcano that erupted in April poured more pollutants into the world’s atmosphere than all the automobiles produce in a decade. But Al Gore and the other environmental "wackos" still claim that man-made C02 is the biggest pollutant and needs to be further controlled through carbon taxes and other insane regulations. In this election year, fight Climate Change and Cap & Trade with all your strength and POWER!
As the headlines keep most Americans thinking about oil spills, volcanoes, sports stories, pending elections, Goldman Sachs, economic turndowns, violent weather and a host of other issues, our terrorist enemies are making plans to disrupt and destroy our way of life. Every week some information leaks out about new terror cells being uncovered in various cities and how different plots have been thwarted by the vigilance of average citizens and some careful police work. The car bomb found in New York City on May 1st was crude in nature but had the potential to kill and maim dozens had it gone off. Several street vendors were alert enough to contact local police officers when they saw the vehicle idling in a no parking zone. Several shadowy terrorist groups, including some with Taliban ties, claimed responsibility for this action and warned that more would occur. Under normal security conditions, the police, FBI and other agencies have a pretty good handle on these enemies from within. However, recent actions by the Obama Administration should give us all a pause for concern as to when the next terrorist event will happen. Perhaps this fizzled car bomb in NYC was a good thing that will make the Obamanites rethink their insane idea of trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed in NYC instead of at GITMO. In addition to the enormous cost for this show trial, the security nightmare and disruption in the lives of tens of thousands of NYC residents makes absolutely no sense unless that is your goal. Can one imagine the number of bomb threats and actual incidents that will occur if KSM gets his wish to plead his case inside our borders? Obama’s team also recently announced that they won’t allow Senate investigators to question the intelligence agents involved with the Ft. Hood killer, Major Nidal Hasan. Once again the Administration bends over backwards to make sure that a Muslim killer is given more rights than the average tax-paying citizen! How many mosques and sleeper cells are working day and night to subvert the "Great Satan" while we allow these vicious enemies to operate with relative freedom using our Constitution against us? While these internal threats are to be taken seriously and should be wiped out of our midst, the main terrorist threat still lies in the Middle East and throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan where the Taliban and Al Queda plan and operate quite freely. Unfortunately, all the distractions that I listed above do have the tendency to cause us to forget about our soldiers who are fighting on the front lines. One of our fine members, TSGT Mark Russak, just sent me the following message from his post in Afghanistan on May 1st. It is very sobering and I’ve asked for and received his permission to summarize the warnings and thoughts he wants all Americans to consider and pray about. We are proud to have him as a Coalition member and are honored to relay the following information, which I hope you will share with family and friends:
"The Battle for Kandahar and possibly all of Afghanistan is going to be decided in the next few months. It will not be a massive invasion. General McChrystal has told the world that much, but it will be the decisive operation in this "War on Terror." All military experts agree that losing is not an option. Our Wing Commander, Brig. General Guy Walsh, informed us today that we should prepare ourselves and our families for all the negative press that is sure to follow this fight. In the past five years, since the dark days when I was in Al Anbar province in Iraq, it has become crystal clear to me that our own press (except for FOX news) has been against us in our efforts to win this War. They completely refuse to report anything positive our that Troops accomplish. No matter how many battles we win, how many schools, roads or medical clinics we build or how many people we free from Radical Muslim control, the Press will never give the Military any credit for our efforts. They never believed we could win in Al Anbar, they panicked in fear when we started the Surge in Iraq, refusing to have any hope at all that we could turn the tide of violence there. Now they are ready to surrender without a fight here in Afghanistan. Of course things will be tough here in Kandahar. It is the birthplace of the Taliban and Al Queda. The citizens here just don’t think that we will be around in 12 months because of what Obama has stated about our withdrawal timetable. Everything they hear from the Taliban to our own Press is negative. It’s nothing less than shameful that our nation’s media writes more stories that encourage the followers of Osama Bin Laden than our own brave troops under General Stanley McChrystal. What ever happened to journalism in the United States that reported just the facts and actually tried to unite the people against our common enemy? If you want to see what a "united front" looks like, read a few papers from back in WWII.
The truth is liberals don’t see the Radical Muslim terrorists as our enemy. They actually believe that somehow we (Americans) are to blame for all the world’s conflicts and problems. Our own "Commander in Chief" has bowed before Arab Muslim Kings (Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of the radical fundamentalist movement the Terrorists follow), while refusing to call their violent and oppressive actions "terror." Our very future as a nation may be decided in the coming months. If we leave Afghanistan without a victory, all Radical Muslims throughout the world will be emboldened and go on the offensive. There will be more and more attacks on our own soil and all the problems and arguments back home won’t matter one bit if we fail here in Kandahar. If we can’t take this city back in 12 months, then we need to use our great military strength and level it! That will send a message to the Muslim world that they can truly understand. Doing so will save the lives of countless of American troops and our citizens, thus securing our future for the next generation. Harry Truman nuked two Japanese cities to end WWII and in the process saved tens of thousands of American soldiers. Our present pathetic political leaders need to follow the example of our courageous patriotic people from the past and win!
All Americans must unite to keep this country focused on what is at stake but more importantly we need to seek God’s guidance and protection through prayer. This situation is not hopeless but very difficult decisions will have to be made in the near future.
My tour of duty is nearly over. Once again I have seen the price paid for our security and freedom in the faces of the young troops on our aircraft and by the caskets loaded onto our planes at our Ramp Ceremonies. No one hates wars more than those who fight in them, but we also realize that this enemy is not going to stop their violent pursuit to destroy our world. We must be united and have faith in this just cause. We must demand that our leaders stand strong against all those that wish to do us harm and take away our God-given freedoms."
As we celebrate Memorial Day in a few weeks, please take Sgt. Russak’s words to heart and demand that your Congressman be committed to a total victory in this War and support for our troops!
• Karl Rove: The Westmoreland County GOP is hosting a special "Eggs and Issues" breakfast on Thursday, May 20th, featuring Karl Rove. This will be held at the 4 Points Sheraton in Greensburg at 9:00AM and the cost is only $50. This includes breakfast PLUS an autographed copy of Rove’s latest book, Courage and Consequences. Please call Elaine Gowaty to make reservations @ 724-325-3776.
• Arizona: Funny what a firestorm is created when a sovereign state acts in its own interest to protect its citizens against unwanted illegal aliens! When Governor Jan Brewer signed Arizona’s new law designed to deal with ½ million illegals in late April, a series of savage attacks rained down on "The Grand Canyon" State. Cries of racism, apartheid and Nazism were some of the milder rebukes from the crazed Left! The loonies from neighboring California called for immediate boycotts of AZ products and canceling contracts with companies and entities headquartered in that state. Yet a closer review shows that AZ did nothing different from what Federal law currently calls for EXCEPT Arizona is planning on enforcing their statutes! Stay tuned as this may be one more example of how the Tenth Amendment and States Rights come into play in 2010 as 50 State Capitals seek ways to avoid the crushing burdens of Big Brother! GO ARIZONA!
• Marcellus Shale: With the Obama team moving to curtail off shore oil and deep coal mining projects, we in PA, OH and NY have been blessed with the natural gas deposits known as the Marcellus Shale. Tens of thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars await prudent handling of this underground treasure. Make sure that your State Senator and Representative are on board in supporting the exploration, drilling and transmission of these valuable deposits. Governor Rendell has been looking at this as a new tax source, but Pennsylvania can’t afford a new Governor with an attitude that puts tax revenues before business expansion, especially in these difficult economic times. Marcellus Shale means economy recovery!
• New Books: Liberty in America, Past, Present and Future by Dr. Bill Choby is a great summary of our freedoms in an easy to read format. Soft bound copies will be available at our May meeting for $10 or via mail the cost is $12. Send checks to WCCC 160 Maus Drive Irwin, PA 15642
• At the pro-gun rally in Harrisburg on April 17th, I heard and met Suzanna Hupp. She wrote From Luby’s to the Legislature and is the lady whose parents were gunned down in a TX restaurant while her gun was locked in her car due to insane state laws. She ran for office and had the laws changed so law-abiding citizens can now carry a weapon to protect themselves and others. Visit suzannahupp.com to buy a copy!