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Please note, this is the FOURTH Tuesday instead of our normal third Tuesday schedule. We will have a FULL agenda that evening with several speakers and some candidates for various County offices in attendance.

Leading off the evening will be Doug Webster representing Fair Districts PA, a group that is concerned with how the courts illegally changed our Congressional Districts, and how we can correct this situation.

Our second speaker is Connie Mattei, who has been following the County’s new Comprehensive Plan, which is of great concern to many of the taxpayers and land owners. We will all learn something from her presentation.

There will be time for Q & A on both of these important subjects and most importantly, we will also have candidates who are running for County Commissioner and other local offices. These potential leaders need to hear this information and take action to truly make Westmoreland County Great Again!

I urge you to make plans to attend this important meeting and bring friends and neighbors so we can all become more informed on the issues that are and will be affecting all of us. We also urge all candidates to bring their petitions and meet our members in order to solicit support for their respective campaigns.

We will meet at the “Warehouse” located at 2230 Boyd Road in Murrysville behind Cornerstone Ministries and the meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.



We must be doing something right as our membership drive continues to roll along with excellent participation. Our ranks are being filled with new members and some who have not joined for a few years are returning once again. Needless to say every true Conservative is welcome and we now have members from OH, VA, TN, KY, AZ, CA, NV, TX, FL, WV and even Dakar, Africa! More important than the memberships are the prayers that so many send our way and the great band that prays for America and the Trump Team.

If you want to join this band of diehard Patriots, the modest dues are $12 per year for individuals, $20 per family and of course, we accept any other gifts to put into the continuing fight for God, Family and Country.

Checks can be made out to W.C.C.C. and sent to Don Thomson  160 Maus Drive  N. Huntingdon, PA  15642




A few weeks ago I wrote some thoughts about the crisis for the unborn that is occurring in New York, Virginia and in other pro-death states. I wanted to update that message and add some other remarks on what is a prime example of the moral decline in America when ungodly leaders take charge of government.

In November, 1987 Chicago had their first black Mayor named Harold Washington, who was starting his second term. He was the usual liberal politician but he made a very fatal mistake. There was some anti-Christian measure that he had pledged to sign and made the flippant remark that the signing would occur unless he died. On the day of the signing, God intervened and he died of a massive heart attack in his office. I am still trying to gather the details on this event but in my memory bank, this reminded me of the story that appeared in the 12th Chapter of the book of Acts. Luke writes about how evil King Herod gave a great oration and the people declared that he was a god. Herod received their acclamation without acknowledging the true God and the true God sent his angel which immediately struck him down.

Keeping these two events in mind, I want you to fast forward to the current situation in Virginia. The three stooges in the top leadership positions have been making unwanted headlines that have the Democrats in a quandary. I believe we are seeing God’s judgment fall on them for their support of the vile pro-abortion measures that they tried to push through the Virginia legislature. Right after New York passed a bill allowing full term babies to be killed right up to the moment of birth, Virginia went one step further on this murderous path by allowing the baby to be born, then setting the newborn aside while the so-called mother and doctors decide whether to let it live or die! This reminds me of the Israelites who were worshipping the god Molach and sacrificing their children to an idol. Today the idol is Planned Parenthood and the satanic mindset that has penetrated the souls of men and women in power.

Governor Northam tried to explain how this barbarous and callous procedure would work and only made it more grotesque by referring to the “baby” and “infant” several times. No longer was it a “fetus”, and this sealed his legacy as a killer as he wanted infanticide legalized!

Right after this news conference, the infamous photo from his medical yearbook appeared, showing him either as a KKK member or in blackface. He initially said he was in the photo, BUT the next day denied that he was one of the dudes in costume. Now his future as Governor is in question and his word on any subject raises eyebrows.

If he is kicked out of office, the black Lt. Governor Fairfax is next in line. I assume Fairfax was licking his chops, thinking about taking over when suddenly TWO women from his past appeared, raising charges of sexual assault. The timeline in the Fairfax case is 10-15 years, not the 30+ years of false charges that Brent Kavanaugh endured during his Senate inquisition. Also, the Fairfax accusers are much more credible with specific details and the fact that they are both Democrats gives even more credence to their charges. I hope he likewise goes down in flames but if that happens, under Virginia law, the Attorney General becomes Governor. Lo and behold, when his name appeared, so did more pictures and confessions of him being in blackface when he was 19 years old! The domino effect continues but since the FOURTH in line to be Governor is a Republican, you can bet your last dollar it won’t go that far.

If these were Republican office holders, they would all be gone by now and the GOP would be asking for forgiveness from all offended parties and the nation.

But when times of trouble come the Democrats’ way, they are experts at uniting as they issue large doses of hypocrisy and are very nimble with all their back peddling. Democratic leaders who were quick to call for Kavanaugh to step aside now feign ignorance over what happened and say they need more information.

Regardless of what happens, I view this as a sign of God’s displeasure over the pro-murder stance by the Virginia leadership and know He will judge their actions at some future date. The saddest part of this whole bizarre episode is that the total Media focus has been on blackface, racism and sexual assaults in which NO ONE was killed. Yet the real tragedy is the plight of the innocent unborn child facing the Death Penalty and that fact is being swept under the rug. (By the way, all who are for killing the babies are AGAINST the Death Penalty for the killers and molesters in our society). As James says in Chapter 1: 8, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways”. I believe he was talking about the Democratic Party and those who are pro-abortion!

May God use this horrific situation to open the hearts and minds of His people and cause them to rise up and condemn this blatant attack on the unborn, whether it be in NY, VA or any other state in America!

This should also be shouted from every pulpit in America as we cannot allow this issue to die. This may be the straw that breaks the pro-abortion lobby’s hold that has held sway for 45 years!




I don’t want to sound like a broken record but every time you turn around, there is another effort to curb our Second Amendment rights or take away our guns. When all the carnage of a mass shooting is cleaned up, the focus immediately turns to the gun while the killer is almost an afterthought! Pittsburgh has been in the news ever since the horrific killings occurred last October at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

Numerous rallies and fund raisers have been held for the victims and their families but hardly a word about the scumbag killer named Bowers. To make matters worse the clowns running Pittsburgh and Allegheny County have chosen to blame the gun rather than the animal who snuffed out so many lives. The Mayor, County Executive and some Council members are proposing illegal restrictions on the honest citizen’s right to carry weapons in the city.

Fortunately, members of Firearm Owners Against Crime (F.O.A.C.) were able to give strong testimony in defense of our rights, pointing out the illegal nature of their proposals and how current statutes protect those rights.

Hearty thanks should be given to FOAC Chairman Kim Stolfer, Dr. Chip Gallo and Allegheny Council member Sam DeMarco for standing tall in defense of common sense and the Second Amendment.  It was also heartening to see that the District Attorney’s office agrees with the FOAC position, but these anti-gunners are not giving up their pursuit to disarm us as this battle continues with more insane gun control laws.

Take the recent case in Aurora, IL where a deranged worker shot and killed 5 of his co-workers and wounded 5 policemen before they killed him. With all the laws on the books and background checks, this slimeball slipped through the cracks as he had SIX prior felony convictions and was not allowed to own a gun! Yet he was able to buy one and carry out his evil mission. What if a few of those workers had been armed, but you can bet the company policy was no weapons allowed. This same holds true with schools and many other public venues.

Meanwhile the Tree of Life  killer remains in prison and none of the elected officials have called for the Death Penalty in this case. Of course, we are cursed with the Wolf/Fetterman duo in Harrisburg who are also against the Death Penalty. They are more interested in getting tax revenue from marijuana, gambling and industry-killing fees on the energy industry than protecting the citizens.

PA leaders push for more marijuana sales at the same time they decry the opioid use that is killing many of our people. Somehow they don’t make the connect between drug abuse and addiction. Every day there are more car accidents where the driver is “impaired” which I suppose covers alcohol, marijuana and any other chemicals in their bodies. Is this supposed to be a good trade-off with a few hundred innocents being killed on the highways as the State reaps the revenue from its legalized drug program?

In the past, the liberals and social engineers had no problem with pornography and couldn’t connect that with the increase in child abuse and women being raped! Just look up James 1:8 again and fill in the blank as to who are the doubled-minded among us. In the same vein regarding gun control, a wise sage recently said, “Want to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers? Ban sober drivers from driving!” This is the same insane rationale that the gun grabbers use when employing their gun control ideas.” The bottom line is NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS and promote the use of the Death Penalty on convicted killers and other misfits who prey on society!

President Trump is doing his best to build THE WALL to protect us from outside threats—we must do our best to contain and eliminate the threat within!



Speaking of the WALL, we experienced a 35 day government shutdown that didn’t solve too many issues but only served to draw the line deeper in the sand between two opposing sides. While it appears that Trump suffered some setback initially on his hard line position, the latest developments have improved his ratings, and his State of the Union address was tremendous. Last week he signed the latest compromise bill and has now declared a national emergency to gather the funds to meet his initial $5.6 billion costs to help complete the WALL. He has the Democrats and all of his enemies in an uproar but I think he has won back the hearts of the American people as they know he is serious about stopping the illegals and the drugs from destroying America. I know there will be various lawsuits and challenges but as we have seen in the past, Trump doesn’t let too much bother him.

The Dems had no trouble going along with Obama when he made the deal to give Iran $150 billion to have them stop their nuclear program, which is a joke, yet they are against $5.6 billion for the Trump WALL. As you know, most of them have voted in the past to give more than $5.6 billion under previous administrations but because they hate Trump so much, they dig in their high heels and shriek that the WALL is “immoral”.

I started to wear my Trump hat again and have been surprised how many people give me a thumbs up and a friendly smile. It actually seems that more women acknowledge the hat than the men do, which once again shows how all the constant charges about Trump hating women is just more nonsense from the Media.

As Rush has said on numerous occasions, after two years of constant Media attacks on Trump, he is now over 50% approval rating and my small sampling of folks I meet in public bears him out.

One final thought on the WALL—I think it was Ted Cruz that introduced a bill to confiscate the $10-14 billion that the drug lord “El Chapo” has to build the WALL. Why not—this would fulfill Trump’s promise that Mexico would pay for it!!



When you hear the policies of the announced Democratic candidates for the 2020 election, you would think they are running for President in Cuba, Venezuela or some African dictators position! Their wild policies range from free education and health care to the “Green Deal” and open borders. Those who have thrown their hats into the race as of 2/19 are: Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas), Amy Klobuchar, Tulsi Gabbard, Julian Castro (very appropriate!), Richard Ojeda, John Delany, Andrew Yang and retread Bernie Sanders!  They could form a baseball team called the Looney Clowns. Waiting on the bench are Joe Biden, Sherrod Brown, Michael Bloomberg and Kirsten Gillibrand and I’m sure a few more will test the waters.

Their one main theme is “Hate Trump” and spend us into oblivion with cradle to grave government care. The idiotic ideas about the “Green Plan” defy any logic and even if a fraction of their crazy policies are implemented, our economy and way of life will be destroyed.

Stay tuned because with each passing day and week, you will hear more insanity from the Left as they try to outdo each other by finding more ways to kill the unborn, take away our guns, clean the environment, help the poor, control all education and a host of other totalitarian methods of controlling our everyday lives.

Add to this mix those who are NOT running for President like Alexandria OcasioCortez (AOC) and they may destroy any chance they think they have of beating Trump. Her recent actions in denouncing Amazon’s planned move into New York City caused Amazon to cancel those plans and move elsewhere to the tune of 25,000 new jobs and billions of dollars. Even some moderate Dems are outraged at her idiocy as she embraces her hard core Communist beliefs to the detriment of the working class she supposedly supports. Throw in the Muslim element that has joined Congress and Trump should get every Jewish vote in America as these three (thank God there aren’t more) continue to criticize Israel’s efforts to survive while their neighbors call for their destruction.

We must continue to work and pray for Trump’s protection and use our talents to promote American values!




  • Like many of you, I never heard of the “EMPIRE” star Jussie Smollett. How a gay black can get a great following is another sign of the moral decay in America. How many hours of Media rehashing of this pathetic creatures supposed assault have we endured? Once again, Trump was injected into this saga as Jussie claimed that two men, one wearing a MAGA hat, attacked him, placed a rope around his neck and poured a chemical on him. Then they shouted racial slurs and further threatened him. Naturally, it started out as another anti-Trump story and made headlines from day one. However, these absurd claims quickly fell apart when investigations found major holes in his story and he is now looked upon as the criminal instead of the victim and rightly so. But my point is WHO CARES and how many good stories were swept away from the headlines because of this piece of trash that only defiles our young people?
  • One good story that you may have missed is that Tim Tebow has produced a movie called “Run the Race”, which is scheduled to be in theaters on February 22nd. This is an uplifting film that you should try to see and get others to do likewise.
  • Another racial and gun story you may have missed. An aspiring country singer Kyle Yorlets (white) was shot and killed by 5 black punks ranging in age from 12-16 in Nashville last week. You probably didn’t see the “Black Lives” matter protest against black on white violence and you missed the Al Sharpton news conference calling for a full investigation of the incident. Had the roles been reversed, the Media coverage might have eclipsed the Smollett story!
  • President Trump had better soon intervene in several cases where decorated war heroes are being charged with murder in killing some captured ISIS terrorists. These men saved lives of their fellow soldiers and now are being hounded by the Army and having their lives turned upside down because of zealous prosecutors who probably never were in battle conditions.
  • One last thought on the WALL—Trump should have said that to stop Global Warming, he needed the WALL built to keep out the hot air blowing up from Mexico! That may have convinced the Democrats!