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VOLUME 10  NUMBER 9                                www.conservativecoalitiononline.org                                                  DECEMBER, 2018

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Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 15, 2019, and we will begin the New Year by showing the blockbuster film, “Death of a Nation,” by Dinesh D’Sousa. The election outcome was not what we wanted although gaining several Senate seats helped ease the overall pain.

I did not think the Democrats would do so well in the House but it seems their two years of constant pounding against Trump and the tens of millions spent by George Soros and Tom Steyer paid off. Of course, Pennsylvania is a prime example of how the Democratic-controlled courts illegally took what was a legislative duty and redrew Congressional District that favored the Democrats in many states. This action plus the fact that over 40 GOP representatives chose to retire after the 2018 term gave the Dems their perfect storm for victory and a semi “blue wave” that we certainly must reverse and avoid in 2020.

We hope that the information in D’Sousa’s film will spur all of us to start working now to ensure another Trump victory in 2020 and for us to retake the House and build up even more allies in the Senate. In the meantime, other crucial elections will be happening in 2019 and we can gear up for them right now.


The main theme of this newsletter is going to be a post-election analysis and what we must do in 2019 and beyond. Across Pennsylvania, the election officials said there was a 55% turnout, which was nearly a record for a midterm election. Westmoreland County came in at 59%, and our precinct 4-1 in North Huntingdon hit 66%. I want to use our precinct as the example for this newsletter for a few reasons. We have 930 registered voters of which 592 voted in person while 16 sent in absentee ballots. The breakdown of the 608 total voters was 295 R’s, 278 D’s and 35 Independents. The Republicans represented 48.5 % of the voters, yet the GOP candidates received 64% of the vote tallied. This means that a lot Dems and probably some Independents voted Republican. Yet while we had a 66% turnout, this means 34% of registered voters never showed up.

However, at 4-1 in North Huntingdon, you can always count on one man being there no matter whether rain or shine or hot or cold. That man is Dan Priatko. Dan was a West Point graduate who was almost killed in an auto accident in 1985. Despite major permanent injuries that have left him crippled, his love of God and Country gives him the will to make a huge effort to vote everytime. From when his dad Bill drops him off at the ramp outside Calvin Presbyterian Church, it takes Dan at least 10 minutes to walk into the polling place and, of course, another 10 minutes to return to the car. When I see Dan’s determination to cast his vote, a degree of anger rises in me knowing that at least 300 people in 4-1 have not taken the time to show up. I venture to say that no more than a handful of those 300 have the disability that Dan lives with. The numbers are even more staggering when you consider in a really off election year at least 500 don’t make the effort.

Dan could easily submit an absentee ballot, BUT he believes it is his duty (remember West Point) to show up in person. The many hundreds that don’t show could also send in absentee ballots if they are truly out of town or otherwise incapacitated. But again I venture to say they are out cutting grass (Spring) or raking leaves (Fall) or doing other mundane tasks that could be done at another time. Obviously, none of them have the patriotic fervor that Dan displays on a regular basis.

Dan recently was inducted into the Norwin Hall of Fame, and a writer in attendance wrote a great summary of his life which is reproduced on Page 2 of this letter. Please take time to read it and share with others so you can get an even greater feeling what it is to be an American and how fortunate we are to have a true hero in our midst!

I also use Dan as an example of how to live our everyday lives. When things don’t go our way or we have a few aches or pains, please think of Dan and others who live 24/7 with ailments and disabilities and yet they function, knowing that “all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.”

Dan’s faith in Christ as his Savior and that of the entire Priatko family is an inspiration to us all.


Courage can be exhibited in a variety of ways. Obviously, it is found on the battlefield, and it is on display in sports and everyday life. No matter where it occurs, courage has one common denominator and that is adversity. Trying to overcome hardship requires special recognition.

Dan Priatko has been dealt one of life’s cruelest fates, having become permanently disabled through a horrific accident. Yet, he has never given up and he never will. He has stared misfortune in the eye, but it will not overcome him, or define him. He is a fighter teeming with willpower and determination which serves him well in his daily endeavors. He is a prime example of someone who doesn’t surrender despite the odds against him. For these reasons and being a stellar athlete, scholar and person, Dan Priatko is entering the Norwin Athletic Hall of Fame for which he is “honored and grateful.”

A 1980 graduate, Priatko gained distinction both on the football field and in the classroom at Norwin. Playing three years, he stood out on the gridiron as a running back and linebacker. He was named Team Captain and selected Most Valuable Player by his coaches and teammates his senior season. Off the field he was more distinguished. An “A” student, Priatko was voted Senior Class President. Highlighting his “laurels” was being chosen as Norwin’s Most Outstanding Male Student by the Principal, faculty and students.

With an eye toward a military career like his older brother, Lt. Colonel David, Priatko received an appointment to West Point where he played football for four years. He again excelled in academics becoming a Battalion Commander, one of only 12 such Cadet Leadership positions. In addition, he won the coveted award for having the highest QPA of a Senior Varsity Letterman. Completing both Airborne and Ranger School, he graduated in 1984.

Nine months into his active duty tour, tragedy struck in March of 1985. Dan, son of ex-Steeler Bill Priatko, was involved in a life-changing accident that left him severely injured. Hospitalized for a year and a half, he overcame medical odds and was released. Despite his disabilities and long hours of strenuous rehabilitation, he has worked as a Recreational Aide at Care Centers, currently volunteering at Redstone Highlands. He has aided Norwin Football teams with encouraging pre-game speeches.

Dan is a solid Hall of fame inspiration and a very positive influence for athletes, and mankind. His strength of heart, refusal to relinquish hope, and proclivity for helping others makes Dan Priatko a champion for all of us, and for all time!


For several months we have talked about election fraud and machine failures that have occurred in Western PA and throughout the country. Using my precinct of 4-1 in North Huntingdon as an example once again, allow me to mention the following examples. The THIRD voter on November 6th at 7:01 AM wanted to vote straight Republican. He immediately called out saying, “Hey, I tried to vote Republican and the machine switched my vote to Democrat.” He tried again and the same thing happened. The machine inspector and judge both went over to the machine and pressed a couple of buttons and this time his vote remained Republican. About ten minutes later, another voter on another machine had the same problem. They resolved that one also and the judge called the roving election machine mechanic who arrived and recalibrated both machines. There were no further problems that day but these were the same types of problems that had arisen in the spring election between Saccone and Lamb, with the votes going to Lamb instead of Saccone. Some voters caught the error while others merely hit the “confirm” button leaving with their vote in the “wrong” column.

Another “glitch” at 4-1 was in the absentee ballots. There were only 16 submitted but TWO of them were from the wrong voting district! Instead of North Huntingdon, the ballots were marked New Kensington! The one voter did not realize the mistake and voted for the people listed on the wrong ballot. He or she voted for the state-wide Republican candidates, but when it came to the State Representative, they voted for the man representing the New Kensington area instead of our local man George Dunbar. The second person that received the wrong ballot caught the mistake before sending it in. She called the Election Bureau and asked for and received the correct ballot, which she submitted. Now this might seem like a minor error, but in the 6th District of Kentucky, the Democrat beat the Republican by ONE vote. The press made a big story of this because some elderly woman, who was a shut-in, submitted her absentee ballot, and they made it sound like her Democratic vote gave the victory to her man. Fortunately, in our case in Precinct 4-1, GOP Representative George Dunbar won by 172 votes, but this shows how ONE vote does matter, especially in these local races.

On the national scene, we saw race after race where the Republican was ahead election night only to see over the next several days, recounts and mysterious votes appear in dozens of races which ended up in the Democrat’s column. The Arizona Senate race was a prime example where Republican Martha McSally was ahead by 50,000 votes and later that week, 100,000 votes rolled in to give the Democrats this crucial seat. The two biggest and high profile races were in Florida and Georgia where the Senate and Governor races were at stake. For over a week. the inept and crooked election commissioner Brenda Snipes (better known as B.S.) could not meet deadlines, keep track of the vote totals and created a media circus all in an effort to have the Democratic team of Nelson/Gillum overcome the lead by GOP candidates Rick Scott and Ron DiSantis. What started out as a comfortable lead for the Republicans all of a sudden started to shrink as thousands of votes started to show up. Gillum had even conceded the Governor’s race, but after the new counts started to arrive, he reversed his concession.  Bags of uncounted votes showed up and absentee votes were all of a sudden found after the deadline for submission. All the while B.S. was running the show, claiming that everything was above board. Yet old B.S had been cited by election officials numerous times in the past for voting irregularities in Broward County. Amazingly, she was still on the job instead of having been thrown out years ago. The fact that B.S was black played a role that kept her in this vital position and during the recount, Gillum tried to play the race card, without success. After almost two weeks the final tally was rendered and both Republicans were declared victors.

The same held true in the Georgia Governor’s race. The black Democrat Stacy Adams claimed that the black vote had been suppressed and the same charges that occurred in Florida were raised again about absentee and provisional ballots being not allowed in favor of the GOP. Adams also conceded but then withdrew her concession, but in the end she lost, claiming the GOP cheated. When the Dems win, they claim every vote was counted. When the GOP wins, it is by deception and stealing votes from the minorities.

All of this becomes a regular theme in every election, but I want to take you back 70 years ago to 1948 when perhaps the most bizarre election was held in Texas for the U. S. Senate. This was the Democratic Primary election between Lyndon Johnson and Coke Stevenson.  The complete returns showed Stevenson with 494,330 and LBJ with 493,968 which gave Stevenson the victory by 362 votes. Then the recounts and other miraculous events occurred to help LBJ over the goal line. In Jim Wells County, there was a precinct that had issued 600 ballots, but when they reviewed those ballots, LBJ had 765 and Coke only 60! You’re right. This doesn’t add up, but even with this sleight of hand, Coke was still ahead by 113 votes. More miracles happened as they re-counted this precinct and LBJ’s advantage grew to 967 to 61. This was almost like the loaves and fishes as LBJ was now ahead by 87 votes. When the Stevenson campaign argued over the “New Math”, a judge said the case was closed and LBJ won the race. When Stevenson got a higher level judge to hold off the Johnson victory, LBJ’s team sought out former KKK member and Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black. Hugo came to the rescue and ruled that LBJ was the winner, thus giving him the nickname “Landslide Lyndon”. So even as bad as Ms. Snipes is in Broward County, she can’t hold a candle to the real Democratic politics in Texas 70 years ago!!

Friends, as we approach 2019 and 2020, be prepared for every conceivable attack and behind the scenes corruption as the Dems strive to fulfill Obama’s dream of “transforming America” into a Socialist regime.


Squirrel Hill summary: During the last 6 weeks since the horrific killings at the Tree of Life Synagoge there have been numerous letters, editorials, vigils, demonstrations and statements from all quarters either blaming guns, hate speech, President Trump and anti-Semitism for these murders. Yet hardly a word has been spent on the killer and the fact that this low-life should be executed ASAP. Instead Wolf, Peduda, Casey, Fitzgerald and all the merry band of Democrats decry Trump for coming and want more gun control. These same officials are against the Death Penalty but they have no qualms about supporting abortion and killing the innocent unborn child. We all continue to hear about how “closure” is such an important factor for family and friends in tragedies such as this. In an effort to help these families achieve closure and also help the taxpayers, this satanic killer must pay the ultimate price for his evil rampage! People are fond of saying, “We must forgive”. However, when a crime is committed, only the victim and God can forgive. When the crime in murder, only God can forgive. No one can step up and say you are forgiven and the State is required to mete out the most severe punishment for these heinous crimes, which is the Death Penalty.

The death of George H. W. Bush: The passing of Bush 41 gave us a week of media adulation that was never exhibited while he was in office. All the coverage was positive and everyone went out of their way to show how much a family man he was along with being civil, honest, caring, compassionate, etc. All of this may have been true, but I think most of these claims were given in an attempt to show how different he was from President Trump. Trump has most of the same qualities, but his enemies will never let you hear about them. My main beef with Bush 41 was the fact that he openly stated that he envisioned a “New World Order” and was a part of the establishment working toward that end. I have been putting out these newsletters for over 20 years and our main fight has been against the “New World Order” and all its ramifications. Trump is against NWO, hence the foul treatment he receives at every turn by the oneworlders here in America and from  around the world. May God bless the Bush family in their grief AND President Trump as he thwarts the NOW!

In Memoriam: Once again we have lost two wonderful Coalition members. Kate Murcek died at age 94 in October. Many of you knew Kate and were blessed by her hard work, faith in Jesus and love of country. Kate was there when I met Carolyn over 50 years ago and we remained close friends all that time. No one worked harder than Kate to keep America free and she was a genuine friend who will be sorely missed. The other member was Wilma Sedlak, who died in September at age 91. She and her husband Cy were members of the John Birch Society as was Kate and many others in our circle of friends. Wilma was a true believer in Christ and also worked to save America. God, we need more workers like Kate and Wilma!

 THE REASON FOR THE SEASON: The anti-Christian forces are out in full force this year. Recent examples from various parts of America have shown how the enemy has lost its mind. A professor in Minnesota claims that the Virgin Birth was a case of God using Mary without her consent to conceive Jesus! How insane are these unbelievers who blaspheme the God of the universe! When has God ever asked for our consent to do anything? He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins and the only requirement is for us to ask for forgiveness and believe on Christ to be saved. I wonder what this professor’s answer will be when he stands before the Judgment Seat?

The madness continues in a so-called church in Massachusetts where their “nativity” consists of having a black baby Jesus in a cage and the three Wisemen kept outside behind a wall. These lunatic leaders are trying to focus on the immigration and caravan fiasco plus some off the wall message about oppression. Wait until they see the wall in Heaven and how one is vetted in order to be welcomed. Remember Christ said. “I am the Way the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by me.” These phony leaders had better fall on their knees and ask forgiveness!

The last example is an elementary school principal in Omaha who banned candy canes because they are in the shape of a “J”, which stands for Jesus. This becomes an offense since we must not let these little children have anything in their young lives to teach them about Christmas! What if someone said the “J” shape could stand for “Jews”? Would this principal be so eager to ban the candy canes? This lady is probably so blinded she does not even know that Jesus the Saviour was a Jew!