What the GOP Must Do to Attract the Tea Party Movement

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"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

One would have to be comatose not to realize that while the Democrats have turbocharged social program spending, entitlement handouts, and the fine art of stealing from the productive sector under the threat of imprisonment for the sole purpose of buying votes from those who value a couple bucks over such abstract concepts as freedom, responsibility, and human dignity, the Republican elected officials have not been as pure as the driven snow. The last budget has forty percent of the earmarks coming from the Party of Reagan. It passed and was signed by President Santa Claus.

The Republican Party has too many House members who suddenly have gotten religion yet have voted for SCHIP and the GIVE Act. Yes they voted in unison against the budget yet this is nothing more than political theater guaranteed to once again sucker us in to their web of deceit. The porkupotomuses will dive into the trough again as soon as they think public scrutiny has gone back to American Idol, Survivor,CSI and NASCAR.

On the Senate side we have Specter, Collins and Snowe who’s votes made the stimulus bill possible. While almost nothing in the bill actually did anything to stimulate the action of labor on a natural resource which will generate actual tangible wealth, it was passed unread by the Senate as a whole and these Republican pretenders in particular. Then we have the Gang of 14 blast from the past and example after example of Republican House and Senate members who vote against the better interest of America for special interests, big donors or their district at the expense of the country as a whole.

Hundreds of thousands attended Tea Parties by the hundreds across the country and by official count, I had the honor to either staff and or help organize two in Pittsburgh that had 7000 attend. Those within the Party mindset ask how can we exploit this movement as if it were our natural right. As an executive board member of my county’s Republican Party I understand this perspective. As president as splinter Conservative group I also saw an opportunity to try and exploit this movement. Then as an insider I saw the elected officials and candidates circling like sharks moving in for the kill.Their predatory lust digusted me because of the purity and innocense of these new patriots.

The Tea Party movement does not belong to the Republican Party so don’t start licking your chops. It belongs to "We the People" and if you can gasp that concept, then it is time to look inward. You must come to us on bended knee with "Mea Copa" on you lips. We want to hear that you are sorry for the fact you lost sight of Conservatism because you became drunk on power. We want you to denounce the Republicans In Name Only publically and ask for their resignation or shift to their rightful home, the Democrat Party. Then we want a whole new Contract With America to decimate the Federal Government back down to a Constitutional level, institute a Fair Tax that funds that government and eliminates the IRS and the lobby industry, and a rational level of regulation.

The demands of the Tea Party participants are generated by the productive governed, not the teat suckers, talking heads or insiders who have been perverted or bought by the system. We, and they are our salvation. Time for the elcted officals and candidates to clear out their ears and start listening to "We the People" because we are without sin and fully intend to start casting stones at those who have betrayed us. More and more Tea Parties are being organized and just as our standard of living keeps dropping as our taxes keep increasing, you and those who are pillaging the working people will feel our wrath.