Where Are You Congressman Fitzpatrick?

Member Group : Gregory Archetto

In a recent guest opinion piece in the Bucks County Courier Times, I nearly spit out my morning coffee as I read an angry constituent blast Congressman Fitzpatrick for what he perceived to be the Congressman’s toadying to President Trump regarding the impeachment “inquiry.”  In reality, Congressman Fitzpatrick has one of the worst records not only in support of President Trump, but also of traditional Republican policy positions on everything from guns to abortion to amnesty for illegal immigrants.  The one time Fitzpatrick is actually honest, a rare occurrence, and states that the impeachment fiasco is a “purely political” exercise, he’s lambasted for it.

First, the call with the Ukrainian Prime Minister demonstrated no “quid pro quo” tying assistance funds to the investigation of former Vice President Biden’s son.  The transcript was released and showed there was no “there” there.  There is video, however, of Biden bragging that he withheld loan guarantees from Ukraine contingent on the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor that was investigating the company that Biden’s son was involved with.  The mainstream media seem to not be as interested in that, however.

Second, the criteria of what constitutes a “credible” complaint within the Intelligence Community was changed months ago to allow for second and third hand parties (meaning those that were NOT DIRECTLY PRIVY TO THE CALL) to file complaints.  This means that pretty much anyone with a security clearance within the byzantine federal bureaucracy whose portfolio even remotely touched Ukraine could theoretically file a complaint merely on the basis that they believe Orange Man to be bad.

Third, when staff prepare a principal for a call, there are always top-line issues highlighted to be discussed, usually with a little background.  Corruption is endemic in Ukraine and one of the standing talking points by US officials when engaging their Ukrainian counterparts is tackling it.  Heaven forbid Trump address child trafficking with his counterparts in the Caribbean, the Democrats and the mainstream media will make it out to be a diabolical ploy to get dirt on former President Bill Clinton and his friend, the now deceased Jeffrey Epstein.

As for Congressman Fitzpatrick, he was working in Ukraine as an FBI agent during the time of the prosecutor’s firing.  Shouldn’t he, of all people, be able to shed a little light on what exactly was going on with respect to Biden’s son’s business dealings?  What did he know, and when did he know it?  Given that the Russia hoax fell apart and the desperate Democrats are grasping at anything to hamper this president and further divide the nation, isn’t it imperative to expose this impeachment farce for what it is quickly, so that Congress and the Executive can get back to the business of governing and coming up with solutions that benefit the American people?  In fact, it’s telling how forward leaning the Congressman has been on this Ukraine call nontroversy compared to his total silence on the false Russia collusion narrative pumped out for the past two and a half years that was completely debunked and then swept under the carpet.  You remember that one, don’t you?  The one where high ranking agents of the totally non-partisan and apolitical FBI spied on, undermined, and essentially attempted to depose a sitting US President?

Sadly, most politicians are like weather vanes, they go whichever way the wind is blowing, and Congressman Fitzpatrick is no exception.  Polls suggest supporting President Trump might hurt his re-election chances in this neck of the woods, so he’ll hedge and squirm and dodge and virtue-signal and hope he doesn’t get asked too much about it.  And to the author of the previous piece, I must say, don’t be too hard on the Congressman.  If you look at his voting record, Democrats should be happy to have him.  After all, he’s shown time and again he’s one of you.


Greg Archetto is a consultant and former State Department and Defense Department official who specializes in security cooperation issues in the Middle East.  He was also foreign policy advisor to Senator Rand Paul.  He resides in Bucks County.