Where Does the GOP Go From Here?

Member Group : Keith Naughton

The invasion of the Capitol was undeniably a disaster for Trump and the Republican Party. But Democrats should be careful about celebrating. Both parties are facing increasingly fractious politics and the party that figures out how to walk through the minefield will win in the end.

No Chance for a Third Party

Our electoral system is set up, if inadvertently, for a two-party system. When every office is winner-take-all with no proportionate representation any third party will find it nearly impossible to win more than a handful of seats. Faced with permanent impotence, their supporters look for a home in one of the major parties.

Neither the populists, progressives or Ross Perot’s Reform Party were been able to stay independent – and none ever will. The Republican Party only exists due to the collapse of the Whig Party and general pre-Civil War political meltdown.

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