Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

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There was a game show on television for children that taught geography by hiding a character somewhere in the world and giving hints to the children as to his location. Right now many of us are entertaining the same questions about where we are. We woke up in November with the feeling that we don’t fully feel at home anymore. Since January the sense of detachment has shifted further and further away from the America we knew.

There are clues also in this game. We have a President but there are no limits to the power of the Executive Branch. We have Czars with lengthy criminal records and affiliations to Communism and radical revolutionary groups. It is like Nicholas shooting his own family. These advisors hate the free market system and will wield the power of government to redirect power and wealth to a minority they feel need not have to compete for the riches because the majority somehow gains by their poverty and makes it impossible for them to make an effort to advance themselves. Hidden in this group of radicals is a Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd, who claims the GOP has been hurting the minority for twenty years. I am beginning to think we have drifted into another television series, the Twilight Zone.

We have a Legislative Branch that doesn’t honor it’s pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Radicals have written the Stimulus Bill and no one bothers to read it. Senator Rockefeller is crafting a bill to allow the president to assume control of the internet, allowing possible the last resource of non-governmentally controlled news and opinion to exist at his whim. We have Bills that will give the government the power to determine your health care and ultimately the power of life and death.

We have a Supreme Court now being cast like a sitcom where ethnicity and gender matter more than being able to read and intepret the Consitiution. Stuffing the high court with people ripe with grievences and chips on their shoulders will insure that the agenda to punish this country for past mistakes will continue unimpeded. Counter the Liberal template for making sure that white men never achieve a station of leadership in movies and television, the Chief Justice is a white guy. This will change and for a generation either a black man or hispanic woman will reign supreme.

The Loyal Opposition, outnumbered in both the House and Senate, has remained almost mute considering the massive nature of the assault on the Constitution. Where are the great and fiery orators demanding an end to the tyranny and pledging their sacred honor in opposition? Is there any sacred honor left in DC? It is no wonder that Democrats and Republicans are forming into a seething mass of patriotism to demand an end to the destruction of the greatest experiment in self-governing the world has ever seem.

Where we are right now is no longer the United States of America but somewhere getting closer and closer to Venezuela and Cuba. It will take an effort by everyone who remembers what America was like to stop this migration and return us to our homeland.