Who is this ‘Brandon’ Guy?

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Who is this “Brandon” guy, and why is everybody cheering him on?

“Brandon” is getting enthusiastic “Let’s go!” encouragement all over America. The dude is so well-known, he could probably run for national office.

Okay, full disclosure: I know the “excitement” is a richly-deserved slap at President(ish) Joe Biden.

“Let’s Go, Brandon!” is a cleansed version of a wide-spread, vulgar anti-Biden chant first popularized by college football crowds.

After an NBC interviewer attempted – extemporaneously, hilariously and unsuccessfully – to sanitize a NASCAR crowd’s post-race chant in the background of her live-TV interview with winner Brandon Brown, the video went viral, and “Let’s Go, Brandon!” became a national phenomenon.

Her no-bleep-necessary adaptation has become so popular – so much fun! – that it’s appearing on t-shirts, ball caps, banners, buttons and bumper stickers almost everywhere, even in left-leaning areas.

“Let’s Go, Brandon” enthusiasts, including many Democrats, are fed up with Joe Biden’s clear disregard for his oath of office and indifference to the general welfare of America’s citizens.

Commentator Stephen Kruiser wrote: “There are very few constants in today’s tumultuous world, but one we can always count on is that – at any given moment – alleged President J.R. Biden will not be doing what’s best for the United States of America. Sure, the media will tell you that he is, but we are all familiar with the fact that they don’t hang around the truth much.”

Candidate Biden promised “competency,” a return to “normalcy.” He has delivered neither.

Under Brandon…uh, Biden, America is experiencing: 1) brutal inflation – rent, grocery, gasoline, general services and energy bills are soaring; 2) a supply chain crisis that’s causing shortages of essential materials and finished goods; 3) vaccine mandates that force people to choose between personal freedom and their livelihoods, and are decimating medical staffs, first responders and the military; 4) a porous southern border that is admitting (and the administration is resettling) unvetted, unvaccinated illegal aliens who are burdening medical and social services, public education, and the criminal justice system; 5) efforts to divide Americans with Critical Race Theory, an “educational” abomination designed to destroy Martin Luther King, Jr.’s  healing message by teaching kids that whites are racists, and blacks are their infantile, incompetent victims; 6) a foreign policy that’s destroying America’s credibility, alienating our allies and emboldening our enemies; and 7) a cynical “Build Back Better” spending scheme that will worsen inflation and financially burden unborn generations of Americans while rewarding the administration’s political cronies.

Recent polls on Biden’s and congressional favorability ratings all contain bad news for his party. In one, Biden slipped to a meager 36 percent approval. The 2022 midterm election will be ugly for Democrats. More than a dozen House Democrats have already announced their retirements.

Indeed, most of Biden’s agenda is underwater. One normally-Democrat-friendly poll reported that 71 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

However, Biden does poll favorably on “climate change” and “abortion” – an hysterical exaggeration, and a death cult – perfect metaphors for Joe’s presidency.

The Biden team’s response to the bad news is to spin, deny and suppress it, first, by enlisting the combined forces of progressive woke media and Big Tech.

They also unleashed the power of the Justice Department to suppress parental influence in schools that teach Critical Race Theory after parental backlash helped elect a Republican underdog as governor of Virginia, a Democrat-majority state.

(As an aside, Virginia’s new Republican Lt. Governor is a conservative black woman, a Marine veteran. Count on liberal media to “un-person” her.)

Biden’s Justice Department/FBI risks violating the First Amendment by threatening to investigate and prosecute concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” merely for protesting school boards and teachers who indoctrinate their children with Critical Race Theory’s cultural Marxism.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote: “The Biden Justice Department is just a continuation of the Obama Justice Department, which was the most politicized in American history. The Obama/Biden administration modus operandi was to make the process the penalty – in this case, the investigative process, coupled with the threat of Justice Department criminal or civil prosecution, no matter how invalid.”

It’s all dangerous, anti-constitutional nonsense, of course, but this administration is clearly willing to attempt it.

There’s really no mystery to his “popularity.”

All together now… “Let’s Go, Brandon!”