Will We Have Jobs in PA When We Graduate?

Member Group : PA Right to Work

If you’re a 20 something, like I am, struggling and juggling course work, classes, relationships and still finishing up your degree, you might be a little worried about getting a job in this economy. But hey, it couldn’t get any worse right?

Wrong. After Health Care is a done deal, the next plan to be advocated by the Democrat-led Congress will be the "card check" legislation. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the concept, "card check" is the exceedingly undemocratic practice of union organizers (possibly big men with muscles and carrying around baseball bats) talking to or coercing workers of a company and "asking" them to sign cards saying they want to organize.

With union registration around the country flagging to record lows, it’s just one of the things union bosses have come up with to keep their cushy jobs, houses, cars, and lifestyles while pretending to be for "the little guy" and "protecting the middle class".

Of course forced unionization is just the beginning.

Companies bearing the "card check" cross will be at the mercy of the unions, and then comes the next big piece, "binding arbitration". One hundred and twenty days after organizing if a contract can’t be negotiated between management and the labor bosses, a federal mediator comes to the table. They alone will determine what wages and benefits the business will pay.

Health Care, unreasonable wages and paying forced dues to have or keep your job, all for the "protection" of the worker. The forced dues go to the Union Bosses to feather their nests and "contribute" to politicians who help them out and vote in favor of the unions, such as healthcare reform, Cap and Trade and "card check."

I know what you’re thinking. "Hey, Union’s aren’t so bad! High wages, health care paid for by the employer. Sounds like a pretty good deal!" Yeah…so how’s that working for General Motors and Chrysler? How about Williams- Sonoma and Mack Trucks, both of which were in Pennsylvania? They relocated to Right to Work states.

Pennsylvania has the second highest average age of residents (right behind Florida). There are no jobs for us when we get out of school! You might get a Union Job if "card check" passes, but it won’t last long.

Forced unionization, "card check" will drive companies out of business or to high tail it to Right to Work states.

Pennsylvania and our nation cannot afford to continue down this path. Selling the soul of free enterprise to the union bosses.

So, what can you do to stop this from happening? Well, there are a couple things.

1) Go to PARightToWork.org (we even have a Facebook fan page so, stop by there, too) and sign up for our email alerts.

2) Call your Congressman and Senators in Washington D.C. and tell them to vote no on the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act".

Sounds like rainbows and butterflies, doesn’t it? The secret ballot in elections must be protected, not coerced by union thugs into signing a card.
Speaking of elections, President Barack Obama, a proponent of
"card check," received over 60% of the under 30 vote and Pennsylvania’s 21 Electoral votes. It’s time he listens to us!

The EFCA will kill our jobs and our futures. So while you’re starting Spring Semester, step up, sign up, make a call and support Pennsylvanians for Right to Work and help kill "card check!"

I would challenge you to get involved in the process.

Your FUTURE depends on it.

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