With Apologies to David Letterman . . .

Member Group : Lincoln Institute

10. [b]Groundhog Gets it Right[eb]
[i]Early Spring arrives in Penn’s Woods[ei]

9. [b]Union Leaders Accept Pay Cut[eb]
[i]Agree they should not make more than the people they represent[ei]

8. [b]PA Turnpike Awards Contracts on Merit[eb]
[i]Political contributions no longer play role in decisions[ei]

7. [b]Wine & Spirit Selections, Convenience Improve[eb]
[i]’Modernization’ of PLCB hailed as success[ei]

6. [b]Merit Selection Implemented for Appellate Court Judges[eb]
[i]Corruption eradicated, confidence in courts restored[ei]

5. [b]Corbett Poll Numbers Surge[eb]
[i]Democrats give up 2014 challenge[ei]

4. [b]PA Supreme Court Upholds Legislative Redistricting Plan[eb]
[i]New district boundaries go into effect[ei]

3. [b]Construction Trade Unions Embrace Merit Shop Competition[eb]
[i]Repent for violent past; many join Quaker church[ei]

2. [b]Penn State Board of Trustees Lauded for Transparency, Openness[eb]
[i]Reforms in wake of Sandusky scandal transform institution’s culture[ei]

1. [b]Sen. Daylin Leach Out of Closet[eb]
[i]Admits he is a Rush Limbaugh fan[ei]