‘Wokeism’ Isn’t Funny Anymore

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” – Attributed to Vladimir Lenin

Communism is a patient ideology that has been recruiting and indoctrinating youngsters for more than a century, so, if Lenin actually made that statement, today’s “wokeism” phenomenon and the fellow travelers – the “wokesters” – it has spawned support his aphorism.

Per Quora, online, “Wokester” means “a woke (conscious) person; someone who is well-informed in a social justice context, particularly of left-liberal affiliation.” (Emphasis on “left-liberal.” “Well-informed?”…not so much.)

The Urban Dictionary, online, defines “Wokester” as “…a person who gets easily outraged and professes a moral high ground over social justice issues.” (Emphasis on merely “professes.”)

Today, a significant number of insecure, otherwise-unaccomplished, primarily-privileged, mostly-younger people have been conditioned to embrace an extreme-left mindset implanted by a radical, Marxist-inspired “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” (DEI) movement that seeks to modify and control American culture, social interactions, governance, commerce, and life, itself, a la Communist Chinese leader Mao Zedong’s despotic Cultural Revolution.

In effect, wokeism is a secular religion aiming to supplant traditional religions, especially Christianity, a faith targeted by every modern totalitarian regime. German Nazis and Soviet Communists infiltrated and/or suppressed the church. Wokism is attempting the same. In fact, certain traditional Christian denominations have already been infected by the “woke” hive mind virus.

At first, wokeism was amusing. “Preferred gender pronouns,” plus the “microagressions,” “cultural appropriation,” and “intersectionality” that preoccupied wokesters a few years ago only provoked laughter among mature adults. In fact, the prepubescent silliness of those and other woke affectations were reminders that the left never runs out of unproductive ways to trivialize and embarrass themselves while entertaining normal Americans.

Wokesters took themselves seriously, of course, because, otherwise, few would. But, then, their aspirations to being taken seriously generally were encouraged by subsequent events. After all, if enough voters could make a superannuated, visibly-deteriorating, marble-mouthed mediocrity like Joe Biden president, why couldn’t the same people be conned into accepting wokesters’ whiney, preening, infantile irrelevancies?

Many were, so wokesters dialed things up. Now, wokeism isn’t funny anymore.

Wokeism has become a malicious manifestation of collective insecurity for which wokesters’ false senses of rectitude and moral superiority compensate. Their perverted concept of “social justice,” allows wokesters to reject constitutional freedoms, free markets, science, social norms, and the rule of law in favor of racial identity, gender confusion, censorship, and socialism.

Self-absorbed, undereducated wokesters lack the self-awareness to grasp the limits of their experience, their intelligence or their competence, all of which are in short supply.

Despite DEI’s purported “inclusiveness,” wokesters have created a cancel culture that uses social media to “discredit” and silence dissidents and target innocent people for “wrongthink” or merely expressing “incorrect” views.

The Issues & Insights editorial board observes, “It’s a sick, inhumane, and ultra-Orwellian mindset that is being served daily to our children via the forced feeding tube of public education, which is now run not by local boards but by ultra-woke teachers’ unions and allied radicals. Hollywood and social media, with their pervasive censorship cultures, double down on the thought control.”

In a woke world, one can be “canceled” for stating, scientifically, that there are only two genders, saying “All Lives Matter,” suggesting that reverse racism is still racism, that parents should determine their children’s education, that sexually-charged drag shows in grade schools are inappropriate, or that mankind needs carbon-based fuels to flourish. Wokesters deny that capitalism has raised far more people out of poverty world-wide than any other system.

But, wokesters’ unearned sense of moral superiority has finally been punctured by their inability to recognize and/or unwillingness to condemn the genuine evil of Hamas’ wholesale slaughter of 1,400 innocent civilians in Israel, including elderly people, women, and children, even infants. Woke “feminists” are ignoring Hamas’ systematic sexual violence against Israeli women.

Thousands of anti-Semitic wokesters have publicly, sometimes violently demonstrated in support of the Hamas butchers and rapists calling for Jewish genocide.

Furthermore, allegedly “anti-oppression” wokesters who lecture to and punish Americans for imagined social “transgressions” have been silent about the ugly, open threats toward and attacks on American Jews in which some of them have participated.

Clearly, wokesters’ protestations of moral superiority are utterly fraudulent.

And, yet, these “woke” anti-Semites dare to call ordinary Americans “Nazis.”

Ironic, huh…?