Wolf Administration Demonizes Pension Reform

The Wolf administration promptly demagogued and misrepresented the Senate’s pension reforms. First, the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Kathleen McGinty, offered some criticisms primarily based on half-truths. Next, the Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack, accused the GOP of fighting a "war on public workers".

Both McGinty and Stack offered the Governor’s pension "reform" plan as an alternative.

As CAP previously noted the unsustainable structure of the pension
system. Instead, it relies on debt and higher taxes to ensure that public workers continue to receive retirement benefits that have long since disappeared from the private sector.

If the Senate Republican plan amounts to a war on public workers, then the Wolf
administration is playing the role of mercenaries in a fight against tax payers.
Over the course of the primary and general election, the Wolf campaign accepted
over $3 million from public sector unions in direct contributions.

The Governor’s hostility toward legislation that could save taxpayers over $18 billion is appalling. His insistence on higher taxes for all and more debt is a far cry from the campaign promises he made while seeking office.