World Awaits Biden Test Results

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

In July, President(ish) Joe Biden addressed a sparsely-attended, little-viewed CNN event, saying 1) you won’t get COVID if you get the vaccine, 2) he will ban both rifles and handguns, and, then, 3) instructed a struggling small restauranteur to increase wages for employees who would rather accept federal COVID-related supplemental unemployment dollars than work.

In order: False, betcha can’t, and…really?

Last year, Joe called a voter “full of (feces)” for saying he’d confiscate guns – precisely what Biden promised last month.

Also in July, Biden accused Big Tech of “killing people,” presumably because, in his (or someone’s) estimation, techies hadn’t done enough to suppress and de-platform people and websites carrying COVID-19 “misinformation” – a/k/a, facts, including expert opinions, disputing the government’s confusing, often-contradictory, non-science-based “official” narrative – after Big Tech had already spent more than a year censoring anyone who dared mention the pandemic’s Chinese origin.

Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley wrote: “The White House recently admitted that it was flagging ‘misinformation’ for censorship by companies like Facebook. Moreover, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has called for people to be banned from all social media if any one company bans them.

“Biden is accusing these companies of actually killing people for refusing even more extensive censorship of speech. The statement equates free speech with death itself. […] Rather than seek to convince the skeptical, Biden wants to silence them and use these companies to control what is read and discussed about the pandemic. What is chilling is the degree to which reporters and academics have supported the massive censorship system in the United States. However, that system is clearly not…‘robust enough’ for Biden who wants these companies to carry out a more complete censorship of opposing views.”

But, speech is only protected by the U.S. Constitution, so no big deal, right?

Joe, himself, is carefully scripted. Handlers limit his exposure even to subservient media already heavily-invested in protecting Biden’s image. He’s given cheat sheets and lists of friendly reporters to call on during rare press appearances.

But, despite being programmed and teleprompter-cued, Biden’s speech is full of verbal tics, vacuous pauses, often slurred, mumbled, and impenetrable.

On Memorial Day, Biden read, “You know, America’s been forged in the basil and the fires of war.” CNN carried the clip.

Extemporaneously, Joe often speaks his own untranslatable language. Its “glossary” includes, “nexnelsrent,” “badehkefkare,” “mybusswenwet,” and “truinderdashdubbadapreshure.” During the campaign, Joe promised “…an effective strategy to mobilise trunalimunumaprzure.”

All were immortalized on video.

America’s preeminence in the global economy and peacekeeping makes our president the most powerful, most influential, most consequential person on the planet. The free world’s enemies constantly probe for American weaknesses to exploit.

If Joe Biden is running on empty, America must act. The presidency is no job for a senescent fossil whose debilities already limit him to the lightest schedule of any modern executive.

The United States cannot have a spent president, especially now.

Joe Biden’s mental state is a legitimate medical concern, a matter of national security, so it’s inconceivable that White House physicians have not administered cognitive tests. Their failure to watch for, test and diagnose such conditions in any president would constitute medical malpractice.

In fact, to deflate press speculations about his mental acuity, President Donald Trump voluntarily took a cognitive test, passed with flying colors and publicly released the results. Media called them “unconvincing.”

But, why hasn’t Joe Biden done even that much? And why haven’t corporate media uncovered the facts? Don’t “journalistic standards” include investigating and reporting important news anymore?

Apparently not. NY Times reporter Adam Nagourney: “It’s hard to parody Biden. He’s not polarizing, and people tend to find him likable. His ticks aren’t that interesting.”

But, corporate media’s indifference notwithstanding, people are rightfully worried.

Biden must be tested. And, if cognitive testing has been done, the results must be released.

Whatever the diagnosis, though, since Biden’s virtually-invisible, equally-ineffectual next-in-line has already botched her “Border Czar” assignment, world troublemakers think they stand to gain either way.

Some already have.

Mr. Biden’s first “geopolitical leadership” test results came back negative: Joe’s craven, humiliating capitulation to Afghan savages – our Kabul embassy was sovereign U.S. territory – will embolden the free world’s always-attentive enemies.

Afghanistan is just the beginning, so stay tuned.

Unlike nature, ambitious aggressors and psychopaths love vacuums, especially vacuums like the Biden/Harris administration.