The Ivy Leagues Hit Peak Imbecility

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

On October 7, 2023 the world witnessed the worst one-day massacre of Jews since the Nazi Holocaust.

That day, about 1200 people died when Hamas terrorists attacked Israel; committed horrific atrocities on civilians of all ages; gunned down entire families; slaughtered, burned alive, even dismembered babies; raped women, many to death; and kidnapped hundreds of innocent people, including some Americans.

Nonetheless, today, much of the world is supporting the terrorists and blaming the victims.

Americans remain in Hamas’ custody, while an otherwise indifferent White House, worried about the Muslim vote, has demanded an immediate Israeli cease fire – without hostage releases – to prevent Israeli forces from finishing what Hamas butchers and rapists started.

They are more concerned about President(ish) Joe Biden winning Michigan, a swing state with a sizeable Muslim population than they are about recovering kidnapped Americans, an ally’s sovereignty, Israelis’ safety, or wiping out terrorism.

That’s to be expected of Muslims who have long been hostile to the Middle East’s lone functioning democracy and a cynical, uncaring American president/administration desperate to hold onto power, but the level of pro-Hamas anti-Semitism among American college students is shocking.

Students on American campuses – a “fringe,” we’re told – have been marching in support of jihad against Israel, still protesting a Gaza death toll that Hamas has already admitted were inflated. Institutional anti-Semitism has become so threatening and violent that Jewish students fear for their safety.

For example, the Free Beacon reported: “A Rutgers University town hall descended into anarchy…as anti-Israel students chanted demands to ‘globalize the intifada’…and hurled anti-Semitic insults at Jewish students…”

Jewish students who attended to hear the University’s president speak were forced to evacuate through emergency exits after the president suddenly shut down the meeting and fled.

 Let’s be clear, “globalizing the intifada” means that those students and anyone who agrees with them would make it impossible for any Jew to live safely anywhere in the world.

Apparently, fulfilling Adolph Hitler’s evil mission is what passes for “virtue” and “morality” on campuses today.

Their cause may be despicable, but, if student protesters remain peaceful, they are legitimately exercising their free speech rights. However, “free speech” has never included open threats, assault, violence, vandalism, or breaking into school properties.

Demonstrations, some violent, and intrusive sit-ins seeking “Justice for Palestine” (Palestine: the apocryphal “nation” that recruited, nourished, and still harbors jihadis who indiscriminately slaughter and rape innocents) have occurred on many campuses, some of the worst at allegedly “elite” institutions, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown and Penn.

Nowhere on earth is there a group as privileged – or egocentric – as Ivy League undergraduates.

Post-pubescent “militants” – in the Ivies and elsewhere – apparently think campus demonstrations thousands of miles from Gaza somehow constitute “fighting for Palestine,” even though they aren’t achieving a single thing or helping anybody. Lacking any meaningful skills, experience or common sense, modern campus Brownshirts are merely beta-testing the same harassment, bullying and intimidation that worked for another “fringe group” in post-WWl Weimar Germany.

Immature “activists” also use those tactics to impose and enforce “alt-gender pronouns,” promote “DEI” (Didn’t Earn It) programs, and push the left’s notions of “social justice,” among other intrusions into normal people’s lives.

These attention-seeking juveniles have no idea how pointless their displays are, or how embarrassed they should be. But embarrassment would require a modicum of self-awareness and a sense of irony in place of their self-important self-indulgence.

No one ever entirely outgrows their adolescent self-doubts and insecurities, so adults tend to be differentiated by the success with which individuals manage them. Some adults never succeed. College kids, though, aren’t old or experienced enough to even begin coping with theirs. Seeking “certainty” and “safety” in numbers, the kids are actually insecure, ungrounded, powerless, and, in their heart of hearts, they know their lives lack any real purpose.

Colleges and universities could provide a genuine service to the youngsters they overcharge for often mediocre, even worthless sheepskins if, in addition to imparting genuinely practical knowledge, institutions found ways to help the nescient, tyrannical, emotionally-fragile students they currently indulge to become resilient, tolerant, self-controlled – functioning – adults.

Today, it’s difficult to argue with former-Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, who wrote: “The Left is less a political movement than a neurotic clown collective arrogantly spouting toxic imbecility.”

Toxic imbecility may be common on campuses, but it’s peaked in the Ivies.