The Left’s Agenda of Power

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December 19-20, 2009 – The Political Left’s Agenda of Power

Last week was another Obama news week. From health care, through climate change to unionization, President Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are working harder than ever to put America under social-left control.

Health Care
It is truly unbelievable that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is forcing a vote on the Senate healthcare bill before Christmas. The final Senate bill has been hidden from the public and most of the Senate. Once this bill is finalized this week, neither Senators nor the American public will have time to read it- let alone fully digest it- before a vote takes place. How can anyone consider this a fair and transparent process? But the political left does not care about transparency. They just care about power and controlling another 16% of the U.S. economy.

The number of Americans who oppose Obamacare continues to grow. 57% told NBC News last week that they disapprove of the individual mandate that lawmakers say is in the final bill. Furthermore, this mandate is unconstitutional since it forces each individual to enter into a commercial contract for no other reason than that they exist. Under the bill, a person is born and therefore the government will require them to buy health insurance. Will the government now require us to buy only certain kinds of cars? Government is exerting far more power over our lives than our Founders ever intended. But it seems that the political left does not care about the Constitution. They simply care about power.

Man Made Global Warming (or lack thereof)
In Copenhagen last week, leftist political leaders from around the world struggled to reach any meaningful agreement on the reduction of CO2 and other "greenhouse gases" in the atmosphere. President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton pledged to pay non-western countries $100 billion of our tax money PER YEAR, and third world countries said they expect a lot more money than that from us to help us to make up for our many past "sins" (Swiss bankers who hold the financial accounts of corrupt third world leaders around the globe were all smiling). In the mean time, both India and China repeated their clear positions that they will not commit to do anything about their CO2 emissions although they would love us to export more middle class jobs to them. Thank goodness no international agreement was actually reached! Incredibly, the private plane flying and limo driving socialist global warming crowd including Nancy Pelosi (who arrived on her U.S. government Boeing 757 and Barack Obama who arrived on his U.S. Government Boeing 747 – also known as Air Force 1) continued to say that human industrial activity is warming the Earth even after the release of thousands of computer documents that indicate that the UNIPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) manipulated its climate data to support the man made global warming theory. President Obama and his administration have ignored this revelation, calling it irrelevant. As it became clear that a meaningful agreement to reduce CO2 levels would not be reached, hundreds of leftist protestors, waving red hammer and sickle flags (the old Soviet flag) clashed with police in the streets.

When representatives of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) presented a different point of view on global warming in a hotel ballroom in Copenhagen, they were "shouted down" by left wing protestors who not only refused to listen, but denied the AFP representatives their right of free speech. The political left does not care about open and honest debate. If they did, then they would carefully consider the massive and growing amount of evidence that contradicts the MMGW theory. They would not be in a rush to pass Cap and Trade legislation that would destroy American jobs while raising the cost of living for all Americans. Left wing liberals and socialists "know they are right" and say the "debate is over." Now, they just want the power to enact and implement their ideas. They do not concern themselves with little niceties like freedom of speech and the freedom of individuals to make their own economic decisions. This is just the kind of anti-freedom, authoritarianism that our Founding Fathers sought to protect us from with the United States Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. If you are reading this and you are a liberal, first thank you for having an open mind, and second you should realize that your side is way over the line. The American and global left are now in the business of reducing and denying constitutional rights and freedoms in the name of conclusions that are too "sacrosanct" to even be debated.

When Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator spoke to the conference in Copenhagen, he said there is "a silent and terrible ghost in the room and that ghost is called capitalism." And when he said this, the conference attendees rose to their feet, cheered, and gave him a standing ovation. I don’t know about you, but I do not trust this liberal United Nations global warming crowd on ANYTHING, and I would fight and die before I lived under the control of a government like the one in Venezuela.

On a lighter note, the funniest aspect of the Copenhagen Summit was the weather. Delegates and press alike froze in Copenhagen as northern Europe continued to experience lower than average temperatures. It is also funny that President Obama will fly home to Washington to be greeted by record amounts of snow on the ground. God is smiling.

Obama’s Executive Order 13502
Gus Perea, President and CEO of Adams-Bickel Associates (an award winning non-union contractor) and a Representative of Associated Builders & Contractors, was a guest on my program this weekend and discussed President Obama’s Executive Order 13502. Few people have even heard of this Executive Order, but it is in the process of being enacted. It encourages federal agencies to require Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) on federally funded construction projects worth over $25 million. PLA’s are bad for the economy and for small businesses because they require that non union contractors abide by inefficient union work rules and contribute to union pension plans-which amounts to at least an 18% cost premium. In addition to driving up the cost of taxpayer funded projects, PLA’s are morally offensive because they give a small minority of the workforce special privileges (only 16% of construction workers are unionized in the U.S.) and cost everyone else jobs. In short, PLA’s take away freedom from non union contractors. But as I said above, the political left does not care about freedom. They just care about power.

We must exercise our freedoms, or we will continue to lose them. Please take the time to contact your Senators and tell them that you oppose ObamaCare, you oppose, PLA’s and "Card Check," and you oppose "Cap and Trade." Tell them that you expect them to vote against these bills, or you will vote against them in the next election.

Again, thank you for your encouragement and support. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukah!

Glen Meakem

PS I end the show this weekend by commenting on the Tiger Woods scandal. I truly hope and pray that Tiger and Elin Woods are able to reconcile for the good of their children and the good of America. For more information, please read my column that was printed in this Sunday’s Pittsburgh Tribune Review.
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